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Make rainbow essence and anything crafted with it more expensive (1)
Disabling sleeping (3)
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Put the carrot on a stick and fishing rod in the tools/weapons category (5)
Compost Dirt/Sand blocks (7)
Placeable items on item stand (1)
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Multi-purpose changes to the pickaxe (9)
Being able to see columns in zoom view (5)
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PvP switch signs (2)
Exotic dodos! (5)
Drop-free Meditation (2)
Placeable tree blocks (5)
Luminous Plaster Backwall should Emit light (4)
Roller coasters (2)
Allow for multiple people to be assigned to protection signs (5)
Natural Block Pack (6)
Admin items (6)
What if you could make new texture packs? (6)
Make lapis and red marble just a bit more common (2)
Make every blockheads warping requirements for fruits different for each player (9)
Setting blockheads spawning requirements in custom rules (4)
Being able to turn off climbing/falling in custom rules (10)
Stats, Levels, and Preferences! (5)
Things in the natural starter kit differing between worlds (6)
Make grass unable to grow underneath portals (7)