The painters block (2)
Clay jug (4)
Balloons and floating with balloons (15)
Wood and Sticks (9)
Aliens! (9)
Driller (6)
Being able to mine stone wall from any point (3)
New items in toolbench and pliers and new upgrades (5)
1.8 Suggestion Thirst Meter (6)
Zombies and cure for infection (7)
Bring able to kick "Away" people without using /stop (5)
Water, and water meter (12)
1.8 Suggestions-More Pets (6)
Being able to disable portal chests in vanilla (5)
Queue-able bench upgrades and so forth (5)
Trade portal LVL 6 in portal (5)
Disable away actions in expert mode (6)
Land trolls and jobs in game (5)
Change to dead trees (4)
(Portal chests in expert mode) (5)
The One hit obliterator (8)
Tweak the workbench recipe in survival (9)
Concerning the "Level" label on benches (6)
Use tc to fill hunger (5)
Telling what an upgrade unlocks (6)
Ps4 version please! (11)
Apple pie :apple: (7)
Trade portal LVL 7 (8)
Let time crystals be mined in custom rules (6)
Condense big ammounts of money to one item: Check (14)