The blockheads AI (10)
Add world size in the search settings (6)
Allow workbenches to break over time (20)
Being able to set admin, mod and not-admin/mod people's permissions (9)
World Owner Search Option (14)
1.8 - The multiplayer update (20)
Server selection (7)
Add Volcanoes (14)
Combos (a suggestion for precipitated construction) (4)
Option to turn off evolution for certain animals (7)
Animal Suggestion Page (6)
Settings for shops in custom rules (3)
New types of wood and trees or the wood (7)
Embedded light block bench (5)
Being able to pick up gems by others unless in protection (6)
Being able to build custom block doors and trapdoors (7)
Option to make the starter kit one time only (4)
Painting through signs, stairs, etc (3)
Shop Suggestion (Receipt Log) (9)
Multiple dimensions (9)
What if space were explorable? (5)
Paint brush and the paint bench (rename of mixing bench) (5)
New light: Lamps (7)
Make an astronaut/oxygen helmet (5)
Glitch that should NOT be fixed in 1.7 (19)
Being able to send images through reports (4)
Thunder and Lightning (11)
Despawning rates decreased to clear litter (9)
Wind power (4)
Allow world fog to be changed in custom rules (2)