0.0 rainbow tulip!


–Guys, this was a hoax. Please don’t comment saying ‘IT DOESNT WORK!!!’–

Guys, look what I just found!

I’m not going to share how I made it yet, but I’ll say this: It requires plating tulips in specific co-ordinates. I think.
Once I multiply my supply a bit, I’ll be selling the seeds for 1000PC each. They are rare, after all!


Wow!!! It’s beautiful.

What does it look like with HD textures on?


It’s on my phone that doesn’t have HD textures :confused:


Oh well. It’s still lovely, I’ll just try to imagine it :slight_smile:


That’s awesome! :smiley:


Right, I’m gonna give a little more insight into how I made them.
You need to be in space.
Not just high up, space.
You know, the bit where you can’t breathe?
Even worse than that, it needs to be at the highest block in the world.
Even more complicated than that, it needs to be DIRECTLY above the North Pole.
This gives the tulip a co-ordinate of 0,0.
When the tulip grows, the top goes past the highest block limit, making the top bit’s co-ordinate 0,-1.
Somehow this glitches the game into assigning the colour a gradient instead of a colour, as it seems the probablility of mutations is slightly adjusted by the tulip’s co-ordinate.


Ooooh, I’ll try and make one then!


Can you confirm that you can, in fact grow them from a bulb? ie. Is the glitch consistently coded into the genetics?


Very interesting. I’ll probably be trying this soon. maybe?.

By the way, how did you figure this out? I’m curious….

[EDIT] after looking at it and comparing it… I realized it looks photoshopped… Hm.
And the story is a bit out there.


Wow! That’s funky :slight_smile:


…is this another hoax? :stuck_out_tongue:
(Remember last time) XD

If it is real, I would love to buy one. :slight_smile:


Well it makes sence its above the North Pole that’s where the two Sides of the world join together


I’m pretty sure this is as true as flying sharks…

Because the flower on the tulip is also in it’s base block.


I am speechless.


Sam why does the tulip look so weird?The flower seems a bit bigger than usual…


This is a regular tulip, compared to Sam’s

My guess is photoshop.

@BlockAce- I see you down there :arrow_double_down: :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow looks cool!
(Whispers into my watch: “looks like photoshopped.”)
Looks up: oops! :slight_smile:


Ok… I’ll try to believe in that… it looks photoshopped


Photoshopped? I’ll just have to try it myself and if it works, I’m rich. If it fails, I’ve wasted my time. My guess is fail.


Lets see…with all the specific growing requirements needed, im assuming you didnt just randomly grow this tulip in a space base?