1.5.1 Update - Cloud Hosted Servers!


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AWESOME SAUSE!!! I love th new features!! Thanks Dave :smiley:


Okay I’ve been thinking about this game and there’s a few things that you could add to make the game more efficient> first off for
Mining a piping system or conveyer belts to bring ore up to the surface. Secondly when there needs to be some kind of a tank or funnels that can be added onto generators so that they don’t run out of fuel as fast.
Also for trains, There needs to be more use for them maybe being able to haul many other things that can’t go into chests like including large sharks “alive”.
there should also be some kind of a water tank for them so you can carry about 50 or more buckets of water at once.
A sponge plant would be nice two something to suck up thin layers of water :slight_smile:

One last thing you need to fix the error of not being able to plant mini plants like carrots and flex behind railroad tracks. :confused:

>>> I love this game way more then mincraft :)<<<< (0)

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Glad you like the game, but this post needs to go to Suggestions.


As around five threads.


Thanks dave! Now where the dupe bug is fixed multiplayer will be very fun for me


Admins can see explored areas!

My computer crash is now killing me even more than before…


Awesome! :smiley:

(But can the admin/mod colour be disabled? So the griefers won’t just wait 'til they log off?)

Otherwise, great!! :smiley:


I love this update! :slight_smile: but one thing, I AM LOSING IT BECAUSE I CANNOT DUPE!!!


Lol that’s funny should have dupe before you updated… XD


I just uploaded my 1.5.1 update video! It summarizes and shows the main new features.



Yay :smiley:

Does the shadows seem a bit…purple to you ?


Loving this update! :))


So when will android version be out


What if you want to host a server with a existing blockheads game?


There’s some problem here. I made a private server and it becomes public! Strange…


Awesome I can now host a server thanks for all the great work


Dauym it sucks how you have to pay :frowning:


I think this can be fixed by changing the server status once it has been created. I don’t know the command, but I’m sure there is one.


The link won’t work for me
But great game