1.5.1 Update - Cloud Hosted Servers!


Thanks dave, is there any news on the windows hosting application/program?
Or has it been canceled?


Oh, no!


A few questions though–

  1. Connecting to a random server, is that in your cloud based servers, or on blockserver, or on both??
  2. How do I disable PvP now… or will I just have to wait for Blockserver??
  3. So now Admins can see the WHOLE map (or rather all that is explored right?) so is that all or most?
    Other than that, Great job! I complement you on your great updates and game! This is surely gonna be a success!! :smiley: :smiley:


Seeing that you don’t need the server app anymore to host your own worlds, I don’t think the windows hosting app will be continued.


Until you run out of time crystals :frowning:


Wait a second,
So if I’m getting this right, you are able to host worlds at the costs of “Time Crystals”

So instead of seeing a rise in dupers, we will now see a rise in hackers hacking their time crystals to host their own servers.


Question… Is the days real days or blockhead days? For hosting a server.


Real days


Correct. Cloud based servers can be run using Time Crystals. 600 TC per week, or if paid monthly, 2000 per month (which is about 20 TC less per day cost).

And yes - I think there will be hackers who try and cheat on increasing their TC - for example, using Jailbreak or some other tool. But keep in mind this: Hackers make terrible owners. They care nothing for the game and the purity and enjoyment of it. Therefore, due to the vast availability of other servers, players will naturally leave terribly-managed servers for good ones.

In Milton’s Paradise Lost, Satan says “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven”. Hackers who start owning servers will align themselves with this philosophy. But they will soon find that they rule empty and dead worlds…


Does the search function limit itself to cloud servers, or is there a way for a person to add their Mac server to the query?


As best as I can tell - it’s only Cloud-based servers. I tried searching for my own server, which is Blockserver based and the search tool didn’t find it.


Thanks, I’ve been looking for that video all day yesterday, but i find out you haven’t uploaded it XD

P.S. What screen recorder do you use?


yes, that feature only finds new cloud based servers. The blockserver.net servers remain as they were before. You may need to reconnect to them once but after that they should be available on your scrollable world spinner, just like single player worlds.


I use Reflector.


When paying with TCs for a cloud server, is this payment connected to the server world or the owner’s account? In other words: if I decide to stop or delete a world and start a new one, will the remaining funding be transferred to the new world?


Per server. You can’t stop/close a world only by yourself though, so it could probably be transferred over by the support.


Every time you join a server there is a welcome message. How do you change it?


Go to settings. Go to world options. Change it.
Use html code.


Yeah!!! This is great for Tree Village!
Server, HERE I COME!!!


I will never be able to host a cloud server… My average TC is 100 and my highest was 465. :frowning: