1.5.1 Update - Cloud Hosted Servers!


so just ask people if they will donate,when you get 100, make a server and itll go on when they do donate


I love this new random name generator.


Me too! Except maybe the illogical names: “Fish Woods”, “Clay Swamps”, “Sun Planets”, “Moon Ports” - and of course - “Orange Oceans”. LOL :smiley:


I still dont have the option to update in my app store.


This might be drastic, but if all else fails - delete Blockheads and then re-install. The installation should pick up the new version.


But if i do that ill lose all my tc.

I dont really NEED the update, been fine without


Html code?
Oh, because my server is hosted by someone else, I can’t change it until I ask?


The great thing in the name generator is that you can use it as an idea generator. I got “Steam Waters”, and got an idea of making a steampunk-ish boat.


And when I got “Fish Woods” I decided to chop down a tree with a Herring!


Manda, is your phone an Android? If so, the android update normally comes out a few days after the Apple update. BTW has anyone heard an eta on the android update?


Yeah its an android c:


Thanks very much for the update, enjoying it so far - have tried a few random world joins and seem to be somewhat settled into doing a world tour of the third one I joined, trying to gather stuff and level up on the way. I am trying to save up time crystals to open a server for friends who are on android.

I have two questions:

Will my friends on android be able to join a server I set up on ios after they get their update?

If we start a server and take a break from playing or are unable to keep up time crystal payments for a while, will the world be saved to reactivate later, or will it just be deleted?

Thanks again.


Yes, android users will be able to play in the cloud worlds you create now when the update is available.

A cloud world that runs out of credit will be put on ice, you can credit it again later to bring it back from the dead. There may be a limit on how long they are stored for, but we don’t know what that is yet.


Thanks very much zhaus, appreciate the info :slight_smile:


Oh, a limit? That could be an issue…:eek:


It won’t be an issue, we’ll be storing them for a long time, we just can’t promise how long exactly. Long enough :slight_smile:


such as a 15, 30, 45, 60, day limit depending on the server


No, more like years. If your world runs out of credit it will still be kept for a long time.


That sounds very generous, thanks.


Ooh, wow, that’s a long time! No need to worry, then. :smiley: I thought it would be a matter of weeks…RACE AGAINST TIME! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Dave! :smiley: