1.5.1 Update - Cloud Hosted Servers!


Not at the moment no, there’s a few technical difficulties which means it may not be possible at all.


Not possible at all? :frowning:



Ok. If cloud servers are replacing blockserver, but blockserver worlds can’t be migrated, does this mean blockserver worlds will just stay where they are but no new ones added? Or what exactly is the plan?


They aren’t really replacing blockserver,just becoming an alternative option.


But I still think cloud severs will be way more popular…


I think the Random World button gives people a quick and easy option to find a Multi-player world, so possibly you are correct. However, it is difficult to find a quality cloud server this way, so that’s why I created this thread:
Cloud Server List Thread
People who take the time to apply to be listed here are more likely to be quality-server owners.
We’ve got 12 listed so far.


Great job on the update keep up the good work


Blockheads has changed A LOT from when I was playing it. Going to get myself a new iDevice to start playing it again.


But theres one downside of the update: you cant farm tc anymore using a gold pickaxe on steel blocks :frowning:

Was that supposed to happen or is it a bug?


I think that placed objects were never supposed to yield bonus items.

However, if you want to farm TC, the current best method seems to be 5 Videos/Day = 100 TC.
And using a Gold pick on natural stone and other blocks will occasionally yield a single TC (pretty rare though)

Of course, hunting down TC blocks with a Diamond Pick is great. Just not so great in heavily explored worlds.


Not everybody gets their 5 vids a day. Atm I am only getting 2 videos/day. And it has been like that for long periods of time in the past. Right after the recent update it was like 4 or 5 though. I guess it depends on how many companies want to advertise at any given moment.


I wonder if it’s location-dependant. I sometimes get even more than 5.


I guess different countries aka app stores make the difference. Some companies might prefer the american market for advertising


That button doesnt work, though.

You need 600 minimum to start the server.

Admins can change it.

Most. Besides, there is ner stuff… Just not new content.

From majicDave:

Options also can change it.

  1. Cloud-based only.
  2. /pvp-off
  3. As much as is explored.


I believe the green ADD CREDIT button should work, the blue one is supposed to be cancel :slight_smile: let us know if it doesn’t.


Always disconnected from server. I wonder, is this normal? No one can play on my server.
Even i can’t accesss it. And when successful to get pass loading screen get the attempting to reconnect message then connection lost. I have a strong internet connection. Is there a solution to this? We cant connect for how many days. Is there a fix?


Blockheads has come so far since it started. Great job Dave :smiley:


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Hope this update will be good!


It doesn’t.

Not normal. I haven’t experienced it, so I wouldn’t know a fix… Are you using an Android or Apple device?


Im on ios. My server name is Rune Terra. Its like a ghost server now. Nobody’s on including me. :frowning: