1.5.1 Update - Cloud Hosted Servers!


On a lighter note… Ghost Server is a great name for a server! :wink:


I’ve seen this question asked a few times on this thread, but I havn’t seen a reply.

Is there any info on when this update will be made available for Android/Kindle? I play the game on my iPhone, and I love the new version (Video’s = Free TC), but when I play on my Kindle Fire, I don’t have that option, and the ability to play multiplayer is much more limited.

Please bring the update to Android!!!


hear hear!! There’s no point to migrating my server to cloud until I can actually use the cloud.


1.5.1 is currently in beta for Android. It’ll probably be released within a few weeks, but contacting Noodlecake (they port the game) will probably get you a better answer.

That’s honestly one of the things that irks me about Blockserver closing down prematurely…the update isn’t out on Android.


We’re not forcing anybody off BlockServer right away, we’ve just made some transfer options and disabled the ability to add credit. If your world is running out of credit and Android hasn’t come out yet, I’m sure we can arrange to extend the life of your server, we’re not completely unreasonable :slight_smile:


If you guys aren’t completely unreasonable, doesn’t that make you guys just a bit unreasonable or 99% unreasonable and 1% reasonable? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh no…you guys have done a great job up thru this point…And that’s not saying I don’t appreciate what you(all) are still doing…

It’s primarily the gripe that, because of the half release…many of the names for us Android users are being taken by the IOS users. Hour by hour.

Which means we have to find out what cloud name we can get before we can even consider reassigning. It’s unfortunate we didn’t get a release that allowed us to “reserve”/“choose” our name at the same time as everyone else.


Maybe we could remove that ownership thing? We have passwords now after all, and that Cloud name ownership is kind of a problem for a lot of people…I see more issues with it than benefits…


Wow… in FireFlames we r currently having some verbal war. My friend keeps cussing askin me to get an iphone to hv the 1.51 update cuz she wants me to go onto a cloud server. Roughly in which month will the update come out cuz I can only join for June, if not, its october. Hope 1.51 is available on android within the next few days:)


Hi guys how do I get to the cloud server


Hi, Welcome to the forums:)
I would include pictures in my instructions, but the forums seems a little off today, it only gives me the option to use a link to upload…

  1. When you open the blockheads application, scroll till you reached ''JOIN WORLD"

  2. Select the ‘ADVANCED’ option.

  3. Afterwards, select the ‘SEARCH’ option.

  4. Key in the name of the cloud server you want to join

  5. The results of the search will come out, there might be servers with similar names, so select the right one which you want to join (click on your choice)

  6. And then you’d be directed to fill in the name you want to use etc:) and you should be able to join the cloud server.

If you are using android, the update for cloud servers isn’t here yet so you won’t be able to join.


Hey Dave the mac server hosted is broken!!!
When you select new world you pick a size then select yes and it won’t close the world size window. Thx


I’m sometimes online at RT :stuck_out_tongue:


Update now out on android


Wow! Big news, thanks…I’d better go and tell some friends :slight_smile:


it’s not on Amazon store for Kindles yet. Anyone know how delayed those usually are?


They should all be out soon, they’re probably just rolling out the updates by area.


Well, if New Jersey had it two days ago, you’d think the rest of the world would not be far behind.


1.4 came out for Kindles around a week after it was released on Android.


Thanks Dave :sunglasses: