1.5.1 Update - Cloud Hosted Servers!


Should the android screen to Join cloud worlds look just like the Apple version? Do they need to enable cloud with the same link apple users did? Or not?


can you delete a cloud server?


Try contacting support@theblockheads.net. It will also close if it runs out of credit, but it can still be reopened if someone adds credit.


No, you can’t delete a cloud server, but you can make it private, whitelist it with one person who has never played on it, and tell your client to forget that world. That way nobody can find it and join. You can revive it in your owner portal if you wish, but it will effectively be dormant indefinitely otherwise.


plz put space suit update plz


Hi Darkkairo. Suggestions should be posted in their own threads in the suggestions forum, please. This thread is about the last update but one, so it’s not really a good place to post anyway :slight_smile:


Put this in suggestions next time.

WOOOOOO! 500th post!


Didn’t milla just tell you to put suggestions in suggestions next time? Sorry, but yeah.


Please don’t put your suggestions in other threads. Your suggestions should be posted in their own threads in the suggestions forum.




So, It’s been 3 months since the last update. Hopefully not too long till 1.6 :smiley:


1.6. 1.6. 1.6. [SIZE=3]1.6![/SIZE] [SIZE=4]1.6![/SIZE] [SIZE=5]1.6![/SIZE] [SIZE=6]1.6![/SIZE]

So excited! Carbon fiber blocks are the only thing I know so far…only the beta testers know more…


claps excitedly Update! clap clap clap Update!! clap clap clap


At first when I saw this thread I thought it was 1.6. :stuck_out_tongue: XD I’m getting too excited. :smiley:

(and love your sig, Supergal! :D)


cool dave


Thanks Cheese!

I am checking my updates everyday just waiting for the 1.6. One day… One day I will have my reveng… Er… Update. I mean update.

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Me too. Can’t wait for 1.6


lol nys, in you pic the excalibers on the ground, it won’t live long if you exit the world!


I get picked on in blockheads and made fun of and threatened it scares me every night


If you do, you should report them (tap the blockhead icon at the top left, tap the picture that shows their name, and tap report to report it to the world owner).