1.5 ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE Update! Out today!


The latest big update is rolling out now, I’ll update this post as it happens, but feel free to post comments and questions below!


Thanks to Sam.Boyer for making the great video!

ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE! Build more interesting structures with new stone and metal COLUMNS. Build STAIRCASES and super speedy electric ELEVATORS to quickly move between floors. Paint new PAINTINGS and take any picture from your photo library to hang on your wall! Craft or find new TRADE PORTALS which open up a whole new world of trade for both single player and multiplayer games. Buy or sell almost any item on the global market, every transaction influences the price at every trade portal for every player! Buy low and sell high, add value by manufacturing and selling advanced items, or simply sell all your unwanted stuff and spend up on everything you need!

On top of all this, there are a bunch of new items including steel SPOTLIGHTS and a new stronger bow with poison arrows, and a new creature - SCORPIONS, and plenty of other improvements and fixes. There is a new tutorial to help out new players. And due to popular demand, blockheads can now die. But don’t worry, you can let them regenerate at the portal and they even keep most of what they were carrying. Also, if it was feeling a little crowded, new multiplayer worlds can now be up to 16x larger!

New features

  • New trade portals allow buying and selling items on a global marketplace with all other Blockheads players
  • A new tutorial to help out new players starting a single player world
  • Adds recent server list for connecting to online servers
  • New scorpions can be found in the desert, and are particularly active at night
  • Blockheads can now die, but can regenerate at the portal
  • Craft paintings using any picture you like from your camera roll
  • New stairs and columns for decoration and to make moving between floors easier
  • New fast and convenient electric elevators
  • New golden bow & poison arrows
  • You can now paint ladders, beds, chests, shelves, display cabinets, safes, signs and shops
  • Many bug fixes, performance improvements and tweaks

Bug fixes


-All known dupe and exploit bugs fixed

  • When app is launched from a join URL, the details are filled in, but it no longer connects automatically
  • Fixes problem where incorrect workbench/sign/bed etc. might be interacted with if two objects occupy the same space (eg. sign in front of workbench)
  • Fixes issues where game becomes unresponsive in multiplayer when a notification is displayed, or the control panel or app switcher is brought up
  • Fixes issue where un-dyed items were rendered as white in dye bench UI
  • Dying clothing now doesn’t restore that clothing to its unused state
  • Can no longer drink coffee or eat coffee cherries if hunger and energy are at max, and you already have the coffee speed bonus.
  • Fixes issues when rotating device while connecting to a server
  • Blockheads and NPC animals/monsters now inflict less damage when attacking if their health is low
  • Wires can now be placed on solid blocks, provided the blocks don’t contain ore
  • Fixes bug where sometimes plants or other items could end up colored completely black
  • In multiplayer, blockheads can no longer take lights, wires or beds placed by other players


  • Lowers memory usage and improves performance on servers with a large number of previous players
  • Fixes memory leak when stopping and starting worlds
  • Decreases Disk I/O by saving far less frequently which can massively improve server performance
  • Fixes App Nap causing servers to become unresponsive in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Fixes issue where server admins and moderators couldn’t kick players who had active blockheads but weren’t connected
  • Fixes issues where a kicked/banned user’s blockheads may stay visible to other clients
  • Fixes bug where admin players couldn’t remove shops
  • Ladders, windows, lights, wires, beds, and gems can now only be removed by the player who placed them
  • Large server worlds


Okay…now everyone take deep breaths…let it all soak in… :smiley:


Woot! You finally revealed it!


[SIZE=4]YES!!! Thank you Dave - we are really looking forward to playing 1.5[/SIZE]


Sounds exciting! So ready for the update Dave! New features look AMAZING! :smiley:




16X Larger?!! Holy Cow - that’s <<Grabs Calculator and punches keys furiously>> that’s at least a Quarter of a BILLION blocks!

And… [SIZE=4]ELEVATORS![/SIZE] Finally - I’ve been hoping for this since 1.3

And… So if your BH dies you keep “Most” of what you were carrying. Uh oh… I wonder what that means. <<Starts crafting new poisoned Bows for M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction)>>


Yay! I just realized I can put pictures of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf on my wall! :D!!!


I might just explode!

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Guys, the extra large font size isn’t needed. You can express your excitement without taking up large amounts of space on the page.


Again, sorry


yes finally! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
wait is there an option not to have blockheads die?


I’ve got a bad feeling about this…


I cant breathe!!!
I love art!!!


Wow!! It’s finally happening! I can’t wait. Thanks dave!

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Guess what it’s not out where I am… Damn, never mind I waited,its out

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Me too bug.

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please dont triple post