1.5 ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE Update! Out today!


If you’re not connected to the internet then it will only affect your local price offsets, but if you are then it will, even in single player.


I cannot get the Step Up achievement. Is this a bug, or is it that I am not doing it right? I am going up six stairs, and I cannot get the achievement. I am connected to WiFi.:confused:


same thing happened with me, i posted a thread in bugs and glitches


Hi all,

A quick question about trade and single player. Please move if thats not the right place.
So, according to dave’s post above you can use trade portal offline (i surprised by that, thought its online only).
If i buy/sell stuff offline and then connect internet, will it override my local prices, and if so when i go offline again that prices stand there till i do more selling/buying?
Asking because i play game on ipad and dont have internet all the time.

Thanks for big update btw. Kepp them coming :slight_smile:


I miss the old blockheads…(1.4)… I lost all of mg cheats and glitches);


You shouldnt use cheats.


Sorry, I do NOT want death in this game. For me the game is about constructing, developing and getting/collecting materials, NOT fighting. If I want to fight and be scared of death I play stupid shooters. Cave trolls already annoyed me as hell. I stop playing BH now until death becomes optional.


Um. This game never really forces any fighting. It’s only if you play on any servers with people who do that. And really. You have had 1 day to test it. And you already say that it sucks.


I totally agree.
@above that doesn’t matter.death as a concept is something I don’t want.and also three words:scorpion ranged attacks.

Also,480GC for a gold bow?!at the trade portal


Also, four words. Iron armor and food.


That’s the problem all the way though and why death should have been an option. Some want it and want PVP servers. Me (and others like me) play the game because we like mining and gathering and building. The cave troll to me is nothing but a person that has a usually good chest. With the death option AND 5 BH’s it takes way too much just to keep them alive, much less enjoy the game by just playing. A toggle option would fix all of this though.


Right now there are at least 3 threads dealing with the introduction of “death” and what ppl think about it. May I kindly suggest we lead this discussion over there and leave this thread uncluttered for those who want to discuss all the other cool features the update brought?


Nooo my iPad screen is not working so all I can do is :frowning: (but I will get an Android in summer)


Well can you link one or create one. This was the first thread it started in and we have just kept it going.


Huh. Someone is really influencing the markets…it’s just like real life stock markets. Sometimes, things are cheap. Other time, they are really expensive. Just wait for the market to change, and buy as much as you can when the prices lower.


thanks for wording my exact thoughts, it may become my signature :stuck_out_tongue:

except for the part where i stop playing blockheads, im still playing it


You’re right, buddy. Cincinna is right. The blockheads does not need death. Now I can’t even go out of my mine without panicking XD


Now I can’t even face a cave troll anymore with blue pixels appearing around my blockhead…


Photography is now alot harder, but more variety!


Iron armour - no longer just a fashion statement.

How likely is it someone might spawn somewhere without food, and die of starvation right off the bat?