1.5 ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE Update! Out today!


What do you mean?


i just posted this somewhere but i want to get this part out, especially the bit at the very end

blockheads didnt die, and if people wanted death they went to play minecraft. or terraria.
which is why i chose blockheads over those games. you couldnt die. it was peaceful unlike every other game in existence. it was a sandbox game where you didnt have to worry about anything except if you mixed the incorrect paints.

now that there is hpdeath thats all gone, and its almost exactly like a 2d version of minecraft, but with small tweaks.



Buddy, I agree. I LOVE this game. I love it for the creativity it allows me, the freedom (Unlike most other games like this, it’s free! :D) and I also like how basically anything is possible, endless possibilities, trains, rails, towers, space stations, core of the earth mines, etc, also because this game is familiar, but it stands out in a good way from all other games. But one of the things that I LOVED also was that you didn’t need to worry about death. Now, I do. I still love this game, and I’ll be playing it for a long time, but death has just made it that much less enjoyable for me. Hopefully, in 1.6 or something, death is an optional thing! (Wow, thinking about 1.6 already…:D)


dave said he purposefully made it with no option


More stuff to take photos of; more dangers to avoid.


NOT what I wanted… Sure the rest of the stuff; SWEET! BREATHTAKING! Death is NOT one of the things I wanted though… Now it is basically IMPOSSIBLE to kill a cave troll, and to top it all off, you add another hostile creature. No offense but this update isn’t of my favorites. If we are sticking with death, can we at least have a creature that protects us…? I don’t like dying at all. .__.

EDIT: The rest of the stuff is PERFECT! I love it! I love getting new creatures the most! The best part of this update is probably paintings and scorpions!


I like the painted beds the most. Or the columns.
Or Or or…
Except death. It’s OK.


Same as you, Pineapple. :smiley: Love everything but death. :slight_smile:


Death is reasonable, but I miss 1.4. I sort of don’t like it and like it.


I guess 1.5 is a blunder? Death has overshadowed the goodness of elevators and paintings.


Well, I guess death isn’t TOO bad…I’d rather have no death, but even so, it’s still an amazing game! Trading…I can finally get some stuff that I’ve only dreamed of! I can make money, it’s amazing! A world economy! And elevators! Who hasn’t wanted these? Paintings…just amazing! I don’t mind the scorpions too much, I’m far from the desert, so overall, a great game still!


Death makes the game reasonable. Before you could just use your fists to kill a cave troll, no armor needed, because you couldn’t die. And now all the servers need to worry about their players(new spawned ones) because they could lose people since they die and don’t want to stay on that server, spreading the word of how bad it is. Furthermore, just because Terria and Minecraft have death doesn’t mean The Blockheads is pointing towards them, Dave realized how death makes sense and how you now have to care for your blockheads even more, unless you like to experiment then go at it. And you kill those ghosts, PVP greifers, and thieves and get your stuff back.


I’ve always wanted to lead a cave troll up to the surface…that might not happen for a while.


Before, on the first day when the update came out I was all like “Darn it. Death. I bet now I won’t even take a step in my mine”. But after dying 10 times, I was laughing so hard. I really like the death! Now, I don’t have a lot of spare time in Blockheads. I have to take care of my Blockheads! Maybe it’ll be a little hard sometimes, but I personally think it’s awesome. Also, now that we have death I think I might start making a blockheads hunger games… XD… And like other people said, now we have to care about our Blockheads even more (Which is why I was a little bit nervous about the death at the beginning). Also, I <3 the stairs and the trading! Awesome update! :o


Lol - Surely you have faced Death and have laughed in his face!

Anyway - come on people - what’s the big deal about death? You’re all experienced Blockheads players - now the game is more challenging. Something was missing when you could walk on Lava, beat up a cave troll bare-handed, or fall from space, with utter impunity. Now it’s time to pay the piper, that’s all. And you get resurrected, to boot! What more could you asK? Yes, I know you drop an item, but it can be picked up by a friendly BH and returned, and it just makes you think more about what you’re carrying and it encourages strategic thinking.


WOW… skeeve great job encouraging me…I- I mean us… :wink:


But I liked walking on lava,beating up cave trolls bare-handed and falling from space!For me it was what made the game fun!
I’m not buying any more TCs until death is optional.And the resurrection takes too long.I don’t have 100 timecrystalsworth(2000 seconds!) of time every day to wait until I can play again.


It’s only ten minutes. I’m not sure where you’re getting 33 minutes from.


I thought 1tc was worth 20 secs unless it’s not universal.
I get bored extremely fast.


It’s only twenty seconds when craft at a non-electric bench. (Most of the time, in other words.)

Electric benches will save 10 seconds each.

Sleeping from no energy to full costs 20 TC, no matter which bed you’re in. Death has an inflated cost, with each TC saving only 6 seconds.

If death was normal everyday crafting, then it would be comparable to 30 TC.

And one 15 second video gives 20 TC. That’s 1 1/3 per second.