1.5 ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE Update! Out today!


same here, it made it different from other games

what other game could you walk on lava in without dying?


Then that’s too long.


I like dying, it adds a element that you can’t walk aimlessly in a pine forest at night for a long time (although who would like doing that) but I do miss falling from space…but we can still use donkeys ! :smiley:


Yeah! At least the donkeys don’t die!


Ice armor, clever wall placement, trains.


I liked being able to do it without stuff like that.


The art pictures were what I was excited about, except that I tried to post the pictures but you need pigments to do it. :frowning:


It’s shocking how many people kind of dislike the death feature… :frowning:
Guys, not every update can make everyone single person happy. Not every update can please every single player. Not every update is PERFECT. If you don’t want to die, then don’t try to die. You could go move your house to a peaceful land, kill all the dropbears,scorpions, sharks in the world, shut down every mine, secure your house with steel and iron doors and never step out of your house. Or, you could care about your Blockheads, enjoy the other features in the update, wear armor and have food when you go outside and have fun. If you don’t like death, just say that you don’t really like the death in one post instead of complaining about how much you hate death. MajicDave isn’t your father, he’s not going to get on his knees, put his hands on your shoulder and say “Son, I’m going to change the death for you”. Like my teacher says- Take it or take nothing at all. Enjoy the other features, or just don’t enjoy the update.
PS- I didn’t want to be mean! I was just saying what I had in my mind, sorry if I sound rude/mean


I am making a picture of Olaf. I’d recommend using RGB (Red green blue) or RYB (Red yellow blue), blue as in copper blue, since my lapis lazuli blue was a fail-faded pictures.


Well said. I think you’ve convinced me. Dave made the game, after all. Plus, it takes quite a few hits to die, as I just found out. :slight_smile:

(PS, you’re Canadian too? :o)


Sigh…Now I won’t be able to fall from spa-
Falls from space into water
Thank you Dave. The laws of physics do not apply to water…


You can still ride a donkey from space, right?


yeah, since i hate the death feature, im going to TRY to die…

i will never purposefully try to die, except for the first time i asked someone to kill me so i could get the resurrection achievement. and who said every update was perfect?
obviously people are going to list complaints about features in the game, or features not in the game. THATS what people need to deal with. the more you respond, the more they talk about it


I understand what people are saying about death. I just happen to disagree.

At one point Dave compared the turmoil caused by addition of death to the complaints when he added clothing degradation. Let’s look at that comparison again…

How many people would have CHOSEN to have clothing degrade, had it been an option that could be toggled? How many would have clothing that degraded if the option to toggle it were given to us today?

Not many, I’m guessing. So I’m assuming that death is in the blockheads to stay. If a caves smart, he won’t provide a toggle for it, because few would choose to have it. Degrading clothing is a fact of the Blockheads today, and I think that death became a fact of the blockheads with the update.

That’s not to say that it can’t, or shouldn’t be tweaked and adjusted. The rate that clothing degraded was changed- after a fair amount of time had gone by. I think that’s Dave’s plan with death ok. Try it on, play with th addition of death until the next update (or a few months anyway). Then let’s talk about what we need to do to balance it.

Just my thoughts.


but clothing degration and death are two completely seperate things

i would choose to have clothing degration on, because then i use up my clothes instead of having them stacked in chests


I think it comes down to an issue on how I view the game. Blockheads are not there for me to care for and build things. If I wanted that I would play something else.

Blockheads are there to follow orders. Currently I play sixteen blockheads across six worlds. Five of those worlds are supporting the construction of the main one. In one world I may tell a few to make stuff. No big deal I just need to feed them and give them coffee. In another world I will tell another blockhead to get 300 buckets of water. Yes he may run out of breath and get attack by sharks and slow down. That’s fine because I am setting up another blockhead to clear a large section or maybe to harvest the wood from 20 trees and getting hurt by dropbears. While that Blockhead is doing that I can work with one or two others on another world building that tower. I don’t have to micromanage the grunt work and yet there is a penalty for that with them working more slowly.

With death you really can’t do that.

I do understand the other view I really do.

Now lets say a toggle is implemented I have no issue with a world with no death worlds not being able to connect in anyway in the trading system of worlds with death on. (I am not saying this is the way to go. I am saying that I have no issue with some form of limits.)

Or maybe allowing the Blockhead some automatic defense. If the Blockhead has a weapon when attack let him counter attack without my input. He doesn’t chase he just takes a swing to drive off the attack. In my opinion that counter attack should never deliver a killing stroke. To kill something you need to directly target it. Implement something like the scuba tank or something along those lines.

Everything else looks brilliant. I’m still don’t like how ice builds up around my underwater constructions but that is another story.


Automatic combat is a great idea. I’d agree to not have the blockhead chase the attacker more than 3-4 steps before returning to the previous task.

Also, has anyone yet tried warping over multiple blockheads and ganging up on a troll?


lol. Swarming the troll. :smiley:

Well, there are things that Dave adds that may not make everyone happy, but now, I don’t see that many people complaining about:

  1. Needing iron to craft reinforced platforms (That was added in 1.1 or 1.2)
  2. Clothing degrading (I think it was 1.2?)
  3. Removal of warping in ores and ingots (1.4)
    I remember in 1.4, at the time, I wasn’t a forum member yet, but I read the forums a lot, and there were A LOT of people complaining about Dave removing the ability to warp in ores/ingots. I think that this whole thing about people hating death will die down soon. I’ve already seen a lot less posts about death.


What is the Death Music called - I wanna hear it without being about to die!


find it in the credits section in the pause menu

and @benmcl another thing i think about on my side of the death feature, but dont know how to put it into a sentence
nicely worded :slight_smile: