1.5 ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE Update! Out today!


To be honest, I don’t know. That’s just how update numbers work, decimals work very differently.


It’s up to the developer how they version their apps.


2.0 is probably still a ways off.
Kinda makes you expect something huge and game changing, doesn’t it?
"The Blockheads…2.0!"



Mere words alone cannot express what I was feeling when I realised there is a huge new update. insert hysteric screaming of joy


I almost fainted when this thread came on. For the weeks before the update, I was seeing more and more threads about 1.5. (Oh, the suspense! :D) and then every day, when I came onto these forums, I would look at the News and Announcements forum, and see if there is a 1.5 thread. The day it came out, I came on just two hours after the thread was posted, thinking “1.5 probably won’t come today, because I’ve been waiting a week and it hasn’t come yet”. And I almost screamed with joy when, beside the N+A Forum, where the words “Update 1.5!” I clicked on it, and my heart rose and I felt happier with every sentence I read, except for death. :smiley: And I was even happier when I saw the trailer by Sam.Boyer, posted later that day. When I came on, there had been already almost five full pages of replies. XD :smiley:


Yeah same! I kept coming online to check out the new update because I was freaking out so much!


Didn’t see that mentioned nor was able to find that through search - since 1.5 you’re unable to take/place water in a space enclosed from 4 sides. In 1.4 it was possible to do that through corners diagonally.


It was indeed mentioned that you could no longer interact with items in the diagonal. Water was not specifically mentioned.


Yeah, I liked being able to that. I had an ice maker that required me to take water from the diagonal and place it in my ice torch area.


2.0 could also mean the finishing of the 1st sector of Blockheads updates, sort of like 2.1 being the 1st update in second phase of Blockhead development.


2.0…welcome to the 2000s! The 21st century! (No time machines yet…sorry! :D)


Ironically, the release of version 1.5 spelled doom for Skeeve’s Empire. As soon as I realized that a 16x World was possible, I abandoned Skeeve’s Empire and started Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire. RIP Skeeve’s Original Empire… :frowning:

For me - the 16x size in MP was the most exciting thing. Yeah, I love paintings, love stairs and columns, even like the new Death feature - but a 16x World…! I’m still awestruck.

Edit: I was awestruck at the size of a 1X world way back when I first started playing in version 1.1!


I’m exploring a new city of stars 16X world, and circumnavigating…it’s a bit bigger than I thought ._.


XD lol

Thats all you can expect from a 16x word though!!


The space between each pole is 4 average blockheads worlds.


16x worlds give you more resources, that’s why I like them


Normally they aren’t that long… Ohh… Sharks, right


imagines a global railway


imagines 4 years of work being done for something like that


It’s already an INCREDIBLE feat to have a world-wide railway on a regular world…now imagine doing that 16 times over. Even with duping, that’s very difficult.