1.5 ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE Update! Out today!


I the dumble, plan to do it !!!

With of course workers, why do it yourself when you can pay people to do it :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, good luck Dumbledore. See ya in a few years. jk :smiley:


Any news on when next update comes?


Check Dave’s Twitter, @MajicDave, or check the game’s twitter, @MJTheBlockheads


@Ace42292 but I want to :slight_smile: [SIZE=5]AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH[/SIZE] finally no more [SIZE=6]STUPID LADDARZ[/SIZE]




She doesn’t like ‘laddarz’ (Ladders)


What was she replying to?


this is a really good update and i know becuase i have it so you guys have to trust me on this. PLAY IT AND WHOEVER THINKS ITS DUMB IS A DUMB NO BRAINER FELLA


We ALL have the update…and we are free to think whatever we feel about the update. So it’s disrespectful to call some of us people “dumb no-brainer fellas”. Some of us don’t like the death feature, Some of us don’t like scorpions. But that doesn’t mean you can be rude to us. Just because you think it’s fantastic doesn’t mean some of us can’t not like it.


We don’t really have to listen to you just because you have it.I have it for bugs/server compatibility reasons.The actual update stuff?Not good.


The update stuff, in my opinion, was pretty good. Elevators were something that I’ve wanted since I started playing the game, paintings are cool, stairs and columns look great, scorpions aren’t THAT dangerous, trade portals were just genius, and death? Well, that’s one I don’t want to get in to. Other than death, everything else was FANTASTIC! To me, at least. :wink:


The death outweighs everything except trade portals.


I guess…but for me, if there wasn’t death, then this would be the PERFECT update! :smiley:

Death isn’t THAT bad…your health bar needs to drop all the way, then you need to have your death bar drop all the way down. Blockheads are actually more resilient than you’d think they are.


Since 1.5, the duping glitch is even better!


Yes, but let’s say you were in a hurry or something and left the app open.
I lost a boat and some over valuable things while one of my blockheads
was getting kelp–she drowned and I couldn’t do anything.
I was too late, she was regenerating.

Did I mention I was about halfway across the world, too?
Trying to get circumnavigator?



Just place portals every so often. Even if you don’t die, it lets you quickly get back to specific areas (like if there’s a mine you don’t feel like exploring this moment.)


Why I can’t update to it (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)


Did you get it from Amazon or Google Play, and what happens when you try to update?


I have it from Google Play Store and I can’t even try to update.