1.5 ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE Update! Out today!


:slight_smile: The height of fashion is ice armour now…


Ah, fashion trends…:wink:

Personally, I think that the Fat of Fullness, a blue linen shirt, the Skirt of Happiness, and the Boots of Speed work the best together. They look nice together! :smiley:


lol me to i loved the new update than my blockhead dropped dead i lost my diamond picks :mad:


Aw, darn, that must suck. Were you able to go back and get them in time?


Or you could go buy them at a trade portal really cheap :stuck_out_tongue:


I just LOVE the trailer! Great animation! Also, I really like Tikopia. (OMG - I hear tikopia as I type this! -Looks on ipad screen- Lily is drowning and I heard the tikopia music as I type! Coincidence!) SERIOUSLY, as I typed Tikopia!


What’s Tikopia? Also, I agree that the trailers are great! I look forward to them almost as much as I look forward to the updated game! :D:D:D Great job, Sam!


Wow I remember when I first started it was right after 1.2


It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. Imagine life in 1.2: Imagine having NO SIGNS! Almost impossible to imagine, eh? Look at worlds today, there’s signs everywhere! What would it be like without signs? Imagine blockheads without trains in 1.3. I started playing in 1.3, and I can’t believe that I survived without trains or electricity! Paintings and elevators don’t seem “New” anymore and it seems like they’ve been here forever! And imagine early on, in 1.1, where there was no such thing as fish! Imagine that!


Once, there was no kelp or compost.


It’s almost impossible to imagine the game without compost, signs, or fish…:eek:


Ah well. It’s been updated. Deal with it.


it’s impossable to see the blockheads with out eletrictry


Imagine The Blockheads without signs!!! :eek:


Lol reminiscing on the plain old days…


We didn’t even have servers once!


Ok, you don’t need to keep posting here.


Well, that just teaches people to only update if they feel like it. You cannot revert to an older version, unlike Minecraft.


Ok yeah but maybe make the scorpions a little less…for lack of better wording Over Powered


Haha, that is what makes it fun , really scary Scorpions