1.5 ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE Update! Out today!


Next update, we need a harmless creature. There’s enough hostile creatures, at least for me. :wink:


Me too I want a pet that’s not a donkey or a unridable bird…MAYBE A EAGEL. YEAH A EAGEL WOULD BE AWESOME.

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Has it not been a while, must we keep using this post. Would it be sensible for it to be locked now??


I don’t see any problem with a thread being posted to :slight_smile:


Yay! 1.5.1 is out!


Hey cricket! Plebeius is whitelisted at the moment what happened?!


:(boohoo my blockhead got killed by two scorpions, I din’t even know what they were! :no_mouth::confused:


I can’t wait to see what the next update will bring!


Yes, we’re always looking forward to the next update!

1.6, here we come! :smiley: (Or, a small chance of 1.5.2, though that’s quite unlikely.)


I can remember discussing with my wife how much cooler the game would be with a persistent online world, not one where she had to be logged in for me to play, and had to log out and back in if I got disconnected. Then the server update happened and I was floored. That’s the update that got me to join the forum.


Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to go to different planets in 1.6?


I got the update but Since I already did most of the accomplishments in the game I was prepared for 1.5. To I made an elevator got a GBPA(Gold bow and poison arrows) already but just went around the world before I got the update and got all five blockheads. here is more. I got all the benches in the game IN FULL UPGRADE got a trade portal and MADE IT TO LEVEL SIX(MAXIMUM). All i had to do left is to find a cave troll but I really dont think I have one in my world even though I made a hude MEGA sized mining system all starting from one place from my mine. So please launch the update of 1.6 very soon.

To bad news is that my phone which contains the blockheads update 1.5 broke so even though ive advanced so much in the game I may have to wait some time to fix my phone and start playing again before 1.6 is launched


1.5 ( or is it 5.0/5.1??)is really cool majicdave!! But do u think in de next bigg upgrade u could change de /reassign not working copy thing? But atrtworks r awesome!!! Me and my friend got addicted to making em she’s got a giant bag wall with more that 30? On it 0-0


Majic dave please dont put 1.5.3 after 1.5.2. I really really want 1.6.0 to come soon. Something around 2004 november


1.6 is coming out next:)


Dave said he’s working on 1.6. I’m almost certain it’s 1.6 next. :wink:

Updates to 1.5.3 Updates to 1.5.4 Later… Updates to 1.5.79 ACK! Just kiddin’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmmm about 1.6, he said he is making a trailer about it!



Is that a server?