1.5 ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE Update! Out today!


Any idea on when the Kindles will get the update?


I totally agree. I hated dupers and removing the glitch will now make players play the game as it should instead of cheating.

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Well if someone actually wanted to hack, or exploit then they would downgrade the game, hack it then return to the latest update; so Majicdave’s best bet is to force the update by requiring it with no bypass.

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Eh…now i have to worry being in the center of earth.



Eh…fine now im scared to let my blockheads die.
Its scary…:stuck_out_tongue:


Uh huh. And swimming oceans? No longer an option. Chances are you will die before you make it across…


I have moved it to the bugs section with more detail. Hopefully something comes of it. Thanks.


There’s not much point in doing that…when you can’t play on servers if you downgrade. So you’d be all alone with your duped items.
Everyone said the same thing when 1.4 came out: “Well I just won’t upgrade”. They all eventually did…

And besides that…if you take a 1.5 world and downgrade it to 1.4…it will be corrupted. So maybe that’s Dave’s little way of preventing players from doing that. :wink:


I didn’t play since 1.4 when my chest of rares dissapeared.:frowning: but now… Il take the risk since i like another game more. But I still like blockheads:). I didn’t play in 1.4 because after the glitches, I knew there would be more so i waited until this came…


ive noticed with the trade portal none of the things that used to be valuable to me are anymore… i can just get lapis from the portal with 8 gc, not even a full golden ingot. its good for building, but now lapis has no value to me…


It’s not optional?
That makes gathering basalt practically impossible.


with no armor yes


Actually, you just need to drop some water from over the lava, wait for it to turn to basalt, quickly go down and get it and then return over the heat and heal wounds with food.


I think some of my suggestions were used in this update… But yay new update!


I guess one of my suggestions got implemented in a slightly different way-I suggested an interworld market.


honestly…i know this stuff takes a lot of work.making they game.running the game.making large updates.but this one isnt so cool .ok.lets review.a new weapon .how much is that going to effect u? Painting.for decoration…i gotta admit.thats awsome.i have no idea how that was done…a Manson bench for just two things of different material…building wise this update is awsome.but adventure and crafting wise.not that awsome.im sorry to say


Look at it this way.







OH YEAH! I have been waiting SO LONG for this! I don’t really understand the “trade portals” though… But they sound cool!