1.5 ART, TRADE & ARCHITECTURE Update! Out today!


Thank ya I was DIEING to update 1.5! Get the joke, DIEING? I’m just joking, please don’t take it to seriously…


Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for 1.5 for so long! Love it!

(although I’m confused as to why the scorpions glow at night… XD)


Probably my favourite part of 1.5 Either that or paintings. Or columns. The list goes on! :slight_smile: My favourite part is actually elevators. :slight_smile:


I had to partially destroy my house to install my new elevator. =)


I love the trading idea. I LOVE IT :smiley: :slight_smile:


Me too Exo, me too. Actually, I’ve got a Masters Degree in Finance, and I’m wondering if this new Global Trading system will make a good model of real-world Stock Exchanges.

I’m thinking of making some observations and then posting an article summarizing my findings.

(Of course, the problem is, I’m too darn busy playing the game!)


I wonder if the fact that you can also trade on Single Player worlds indicates that some algorythm inside the app controls the prices rather than actual transactions worldwide.
And btw: I love the trading portal, too


I love this update so much I already have an elevator but the lighting on my world is weird and I love trading!!!




Buying or selling will make the price go up or down accordingly.
Every transaction will affect the worldwide price for that item, just not by much.


Yes, a new update! :smiley: It feels so good to be back…

Edit: Okay, forget sleep. I’m going to spend the whole night playing blockheads!


Remember when I asked about a way to get any item from a portal? Well, I got my wish with the trade portal!


i rly love the time crystal duping but now its gone but still sad but at least i can punish who ever takes my stuff by killing


Awesome love the trading update

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The trading system is going CRAZY,spotlights are selling for 3GC50CC.
And gold ore sells for less then its value based on the fact that 3 gold ore+a bit of work=10GC=1 ore is worth 3GC33CC.
And iron ore is way above the other ores.35CC!
While copper ore is at 2CC.
And when I get enough TCs to upgrade,I dread to think what the price of copper cables,steel ingots,steel blocks and anything electric will be.
I suppose that stuff is in very high demand.

P.S:Please make death optional.


I just clicked in on Youtube and was like [U]YUS[/U]!

And… ‘Out now’… I was about to explode!!

And dream about Blockheads! And play again!



Good choice!:smiley:


So unaware about this update!





(Am I overreacting? I DON’T THINK SO)


Please explain how selling an item on my Single Player world on a device not connected to the internet can effect the worldwide price. The price shown at my portal is changing indeed, though