1.6.1 update - available now on iOS


Thanks for waiting so long :whistling:

If you’re looking for the updated version of the Mac Server App, I actually forgot to submit it to the Mac App Store, sorry! But you can download it here:

I hope you enjoy all the new options for how you can create and run your worlds. If you want more options, please let me know in the suggestions forum and I’ll definitely consider them for future updates.

If you’re wanting to update your vanilla cloud server to custom rules, you can now do so in the owner portal under ‘Settings’.

Noodlecake are currently working on the Android version, so it will be out soon. Also, this update requires iOS 6, but anyone on 1.6.0 will still be able to connect to servers as long as they aren’t using the new custom rules or one of the new smaller sizes.

I am looking forward to seeing what new and unique worlds you all come up with! :slight_smile:


wow thank you Dave!

sadly im on android so i guess i have to wait a bit…
p.s. i certainly hope the tulip problem bug on android version4 devices would be fixed too


My iTunes thingy stopped working when the update came out, irritatingly…


Thanks dave!


How do you know what seed your existing world are ?


[size=7]update is available! Woohho[/size]


Well, I a one baffled blockhead… Don’t see where or how to change settings… Looking at owner portal and world and whatever else I might need to… Obviously not the right thing… Feeling very noobish again… Old… :tongue:


If you’ve made your world costum, you can change the settings in the menu: options - world options - edit rules.


Finally! Waiting for 1.7!


Yay! Thank you, Dave + MJ team!


I don’t seem to be able to set custom rules on my server world :frowning: I migrated it, and can see it says Rules: Vanilla, but only usual world options are available …


I cant spawn items in my world im admin as well i try but i cant spawn them why? Or am i doing something wrong?


@-@ yay I’m updating rn but I have to go to work before playing ;-; da pain


This is so great! After I get Verilon, Aestas, and Vosien done, I’m going to make my winter server as a custom world! :slight_smile: so excited to try out all the new features!


Woke up this morning and said to my daughter, “Well, I suppose I should check the app store to see if Blockheads updated” - and Lo and Behold! There it was!!

Oh man, this is sooooo going to be worth the wait. I have big plans, BIG plans!! But they will take time to set up. I need to experiment first. But I promise - once I’m ready, I will have a terrific Cloud World going.

Love the sun color settings! This would have been awesome for Arrakis and Skeeve’s Mars Base!
I experimented already with all Red - it looks so scary - like you’re really on another planet!


When will be Android version?


I <3 the new update post
See app store

'You wanted creative mode? Well this is better!"


The custom rules options finally appeared after migrating my cloud world, just took ages (over an hour). Happy days :slight_smile:




This is amazing! I’ll make a space and scifi themed world sometime probably. What should the custom settings be? I might actually change them around every week or so if that would fit and work.