1.6.1 update - available now on iOS


Wuv the update senpai dave <3 arigato for finishing 1.6.1!




I’ve just found something…

My Blockheads take up 723 MB. It is the most of my apps (see my pic in pics forum) and…


Mine took up over 1GB even before the update, lol.

Wow - one-hit kills setting is amazing. We can have a Hunger Games server now.
Except you don’t need weapons. One hit by another BH’s hands and you’re dead!

I think I’m going for something like this theme. I LOVE the idea of being scared of every player and running away from Spawn as fast as you possibly can!!

But a 16x World should make hiding easy.


This is why i want an ios. ITS SO MUCH BETTER! my 2.3.5 android is too old :c


What exactly are you trying? You first change the spawn items, and then you spawn in a new BH. They should receive the items you set up.


I admit I was unable to spawn in with custom items too. Until a nice player pointed out the obvious: you can actually change the option settings BEFORE you even spawn in your first BH!


In any world, go to the pause - help screen and click “world options” or whatever that button is. It’ll show you.
Or, in a server world, look at the welcome message. Tap the button "custom rules "(right by the top) and it will show you those options, which includes the seed.

You can do some crazy things with the sun color, too, though.

Noodlecake has to build that. It will probably be a few more weeks.


That would drive me nuts! Sorry that happened to you.

You set the custom spawn items by pausing, hitting options, world options, and selecting what your Blockheads spawn with. Then you warp in a new Blockhead, and lo they should be equipped :slight_smile:


The pain…I have so much homework so I have to wait ;-;


Finally! :smiley:


I assume this is great, m8 I r8 8/8. Can’t play cause test tomorrow.


… Why… have to wait until Saturday… :frowning:


Ha, I was completely unaware that it had updated until I saw some people talking about it, Silly me playing 1.6.1 Thinking it’s 1.6


Ohhh…so thats why i was wandering what "RULES:vannilla"we’ve been waiting so long…


Indeed :slight_smile: got a nice place whit a yellow sun set up, so far it is fabolus. :slight_smile:


By the way, I forgot to say a big “THANK’s DAVE” for allowing 1/16x, 1/4x, and 4x Worlds on SP!

I started my new Vanilla SP world at 1/16x and love it. It just might become my new Warehouse because - after all, a Warehouse doesn’t need 16,000 blocks!


Except…you can’t get stuff out of it…

but I agree. 1/16 world and even 1/4 worlds are fun to quickly explore and maybe try different survival settings. Good pastime for those plane trips and car rides.


It’s a **vanilla **1/16x world, so Portal Chests are available! This is what I like best - vanilla worlds available in different sizes: Spoonful, Kid Size, Normal Scoop, and 4 Scoops!


OH, right, missed that bit. I suppose this might be an easy way to farm pole items.


Haha! Already done it! (Well, not really - still haven’t crafted the portal chest yet, but I’m sure going to)

It’s so cool - you can see the entire world in 1 zoomed out screen.
And the Poles are shockingly close to each other.
One second I was steaming hot, the next freezing!