1.6.1 update - available now on iOS


I’m so excited to try this out! Tried out custom rules on a 4x world already on my friend’s device; SOOOO cool and fun! :tongue:


Wonder where dave got the idea for 1/16 worlds :wink:


Stares at skeeve. He’s too influential . Plus the world protection idea… Seriously.

Did you notice that Dave said he’ll be adding a cosmetic feature as a last minute addition. Unholy is blamed for the delayed update. … Thanks to Dark matter. Look at the Black sun and you’ll understand.


Ahhh! I get it now!

Set to very much ores and veins in a brand new SP called “Troll Towns” and like WUT!!! 5 blocks of gold ore 2 BLOCKS NEXT TO DAH SURFACE!!! (Slightly OP but cool).


Looks like I missed the update!


Why, why why do I have android IMG


Actually before skeeve did the 1/16th thing, someone called Bibliophile, had created an actual 1/16 size world in SP and had made it available to download. Just saying lel


I can’t really take full credit on that one since someone suggested it a long time ago, but I was probably the first to create a working server at 1/16 size by placing protection signs around a 1024 block radius to “simulate” a 1/16 world. This was called Skeeve’s Moon and I think it still has credit.


Heh, Skeeve, I did that too, but made the size be 1/4. The world was Enigma, my first public cloud world I think…

But I’m pretty sure he actually got the idea from Bibliophile’s 1/16th world.


yeah, I remember Dave commenting on Biblio’s world. but that was just SP and now we have tiny servers. I’m just not sure what to do with one. Maybe a PVP server where you die on exit? Would be very annoying on a flakey connection though.


Btw i wasnt trying to de-credit skeeve, they both deserve credit. Just had to say this before people said i was mean lol


Dave, what date will the android version came out?


^ Only Noodlecake knows the answer.


It’s out now.


Just checked playstore and Android update available now! YAY! Thanks Dave!


It’s out in Google Play now but not yet on Amazon.


:what: :smiley:



I expected this to be announced in a separate thread for android users :frowning:
i am glad that it’s out now, but severely devastated to know, that its android version requirement has increased from minimum 2.3 to minimum 3.1 :’( as i am 2.4 (gingerbread) i cannot experience this wonderful new update on my main phone. whew. i have two other android devices both version 4 but i think noodlecake hasn’t addressed the issue yet regarding bloomless tulips bug on both devices. i am not really into tulips now but knowing that i am not enjoying the full version of the game if i choose to migrate to my other devices, i don’t think it is an option. i would rather wait until noodlecake has given their answer. wah! oh well. if there’s a will there’s a way!


Finally! But school just started yesterday, could have time to play more during the holidays… Nevermind, its over anyways.


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