1.6.1 update - available now on iOS


2.3 android is Baer compatibelee. Nuu


Ok sorry, I reinstalled the Tapatalk app and it always has that by default.




Quite disappointed that the app freezes/crashed or forces me to have to reboot my phone in order to play. Chat is laggy and sometimes the keyboard does not even pop up. Using Android 5.0.2 which is the latest version and it does not work. Trying to join SGC and app immediately crashed. Making SP worlds is a total fail, app crashes as well.

Emailed support for android and now awaiting an answer. Hopefully things get sorted soon :slight_smile:


I, too, tried to join SGC and repeatedly got forced back to the home screen.


I’m sorry to hear that. Make sure you reply to their auto-response to get a person to get back to you.


Well, one thing I’m certain of after seeing the problems noted above is that I’ll never buy an Android device as long as I’m addicted to the Blockheads. :smiley:


guess I need to make a report too… my keyboard has acted like that for a while but I just thought it was because my kid dropped my device…lol. I couldn’t make a sp world either. sigh. I hate reporting though…


Both Google and Amazon got a update.


I have replied with the information needed. While I was at school, another update came out and everything with custom worlds work. I can join multiplayer ones and make SP worlds as well! Chat is still glitchy though :frowning: