1.6.1 - You will be able to migrate your worlds to custom rules


Hi All!

I am submitting the 1.6.1 update soon, so all going well you can expect it roughly 2-3 weeks from now!

I’ve been very open about the progress this time, as there really weren’t any big features to reveal, other than the new custom rules worlds. So I thought I should also let you know another detail or two.

As you probably know already, 1.6.1 introduces these new types of worlds that have ‘custom rules’. When you create a world you are given the option of either using the vanilla/standard rules, or enabling custom rules.

If you choose to enable custom rules then you can’t craft or use portal chests, there are no time crystal blocks to mine, and trades at trade portals do not influence the global economy. However, as a server owner/admin you get a large number of customizations, both in how your world is generated, and in the game rules that apply to everyone in your world. You can make everything at trade portals free, or disable them entirely. You can stop clothing from decaying, you can make the world protected, like it is covered by one giant ownership sign. You can speed up time, make blockheads always happy, or sad, hungrier or full, healthy or weak. You can even configure what new blockheads will spawn with, and make them die when a player exits the world, amongst many other options.

So that’s probably enough spoilers for now! But what I really wanted to announce here, is that if you want, you will be able to migrate your vanilla worlds to custom rules worlds. You will be able to do so through the owner portal with the click of a button.

Once you switch a world to custom rules, you can’t go back, so it’s a one way thing. But any current world can be turned into a custom rules world after the 1.6.1 update is out.

It’s been really great working on The Blockheads again. As well as the custom rules feature there are many bug fixes and minor tweaks and improvements to help make the game better.

So I’m sorry it’s taken so long for an update, but it won’t be too much longer, and I can’t wait to see all your unique new worlds!

Lots O’ TC

Can you turn off death?


This is a lot more customization than I was hoping for. Go Dave!


Yep! Or you can also disable regeneration so any death is permanent, or disable the RIP button so all blockheads must regenerate.


I was wondering… So I’m hoping to make a world sort of like space. (water from lava to space and no other naturally generated block) Will this be possible? I’ve started making an HTML welcome page based off this, and would be extremely grateful if I knew to abandon the effort now or not.

Also, will we be able to disable the day/night cycle? :smiley:


Cant wait!


You’d have to do that manually, there isn’t any way to populate an entire world with water in the update, though creating an ocean world would at least be a start. And I’m afraid you can’t disable the day/night cycle either, only slow it down or speed it up.

I’m not sure I’ll answer too many more questions, don’t want to give everything away :slight_smile:


Darn. Still awesome though. :slight_smile:


You rock!


I can’t wait!

Any changes in joining worlds or finding types of worlds? Just asking for the sake of BlockheadsFans.com

Also, do you have someone in mind to take over after 1.6.1 is launched?


Can you make everything in a world be clear with no fog? Basically “discover” everything?


Would it be possible to spawn in more cave trolls?


Roll on release date!.. Eeeeeeeee!!! Very keen. I feel a new world or a few will be made… He he he. Such a tease… To be able to make more trolls would be cool, to have a fog free view would be awesome (for some worlds) and to have all those extra customisation abilities… eXciting! Glad you had fun playing with BH’s again Dave. Now go practice flying that buzz box quadcopter.


Something to make servers more unique! I Love it! Free items at Trade Portals? Now Building will be easy! Sorry for all the exclamation marks but the Hype is real!


The common belief that this update is called 1.6.1 is lie! people use your logic. This is clearly 1.7. Why?! BECUASE OF THESE UNBELIEVABLE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE FEATURES! I mean 1.5 had art and architecture and 1.6 has jets BUT LOOK AT THIS UPDATE! CUSTOM RULES! IMAGINE THE ENDLESS UNIQUE COMBINATIONS U CAN MAKE! Pls SOMEONE! WAKE ME UP! THUS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!


While this makes more sense as 1.7, 1.5.1 added cloud worlds and was, well, 1.5.1.


So, silly question - This seems like it only applies to online worlds?


Dave tweeted a while back that he had finished the single player part first, which leads me to believe that you can also make custom single player worlds, which would be awesome, because no one has enough time crystals to keep making servers over and over until you get the perfect customization, well, unless you routinely buy them. :slight_smile:


Wow - can’t wait to create my super-difficult, way-too-easy-to-die, Skeeve’s Gigantic Challenge, with PERMA-DEATH! Mwahahahahahah!


Thanks for letting us know, Dave, I’ve been wondering when it would be released, and started asking random people on servers yesterday (no one knew!). I’m also excited to find out what the last-minute addition was and whether that is something you have mentioned here, or still a secret.