1.6.1 - You will be able to migrate your worlds to custom rules


I’ve had 2 ideas so far as to what the last-minute addition was:

  1. Folder system for organizing the World Spinner in your main menu
  2. Ability to determine distances from spawn >200TC on 4X and 16X worlds.

Now I have a 3rd guess:
Even though minor updates never introduce new content - perhaps Dave decided to surprise us with something new. Perhaps a new item or animal.

For example: The Gem Dragon: Found in Caves and sometimes guarding Gem Trees. When killed it sheds a random hoard of gems.

(I’m not going to post this in suggestions because it’s just off the top of my head now, and it just seems bad manners to suggest something when an update is about to be released - at least to me it does.)


No doubt the suspense is rising…
For the last minute addition I’d put my money on custom sized protection signs.


Oooo nice one. I should have thought of that.


Since he already has “normal” and HD textures, I’ll guess a 4-bit LD texture for really overwhelmed devices. :wink:


It could just be a last minute addition to the world customisation feature.


I think I’m the most interested about the “speed up time” part…


That’s not one of the options sorry.

That’s not an option either, currently there is just an ‘NPC/Mob difficulty’ setting that controls how much damage their attacks do, and a few other parameters.

But after 1.6.1 is live and we see how we get on with the initial rules, I’ll definitely consider suggestions for what new rules to add in another update :slight_smile:

Single player custom rules worlds can be created too, and also in the Mac server app.

There are a couple more things I should clarify too:

  1. There is no new option to select which items are available or not in Trade Portals, and you cannot raise the prices or lower them. The options you have are:
  • Normal
  • Disabled
  • Buy Only (selling is disabled)
  • Everything Free
  1. Don’t get too excited about the secret feature, it’s not massive… to calm everyone down a bit I think I should say it is a cosmetic feature.


That wipes out my 3 guesses :lol:

Oh well, maybe Erick was right. LD textures, hahaha!



I still wanted it to be released today. Or yesterday. Or whenever 1.6. came out hehe, oh well.

New textures would be neat. I would buy them.


So will IOS 6.1.5 and lower have video ads for tc’s??!


What I’d really like to see is The Blockheads supporting the new multitasking feature of iOS 9. Dave, I hope you did not miss it.



I would love to see this happen if possible, I know a few other apps support it (games, not like Twitter etc)


If the Blockheads app doesn’t support the multitasking feature, but another app does, can you just run Blockheads and then multi-task to the one that does? (If that question doesn’t make sense, then just ignore me. Long day and I’m just tired)


I’m really looking forward to this new update, I hope Apple hurry up and process it.


Unfortunately not. Vungle (the video ad network I use) no longer supports anything below iOS 7. I’m adding Chartboost video ads too, but they don’t appear to work on iOS 6 either. So I tried my best, but it’s out of my control I’m afraid :frowning:

iOS 9 came out half way through the development of this update, and I haven’t even had a chance to check out how multitasking works yet! So this update won’t be doing anything to support multitasking other than what might occur automatically as a result of building it with more recent tools.


hopes to be able to lower and raise individual prices in the trade portal in 1.6.2


Quick question, You stated that we can turn our vanilla worlds over to the custom rules one, does that imply that the time crystals and portal chest’s that have already been in the world will be deleted if we transfer the world? also loving this update post, can’t wait til it comes out.


If you migrate a vanilla world to custom rules, then portal chests will turn into regular chests, and you will no longer find time crystals blocks in newly explored areas. Any time crystal blocks that were already discovered but hadn’t been mined yet will remain, however mining them will no longer give you any crystals.


You’re just mean! :smiley:


Any chance there could be special portal chests purely to warp items between blockheads within a single world?