1.6.1 - You will be able to migrate your worlds to custom rules


If not, guess we’ll have to go back to watervators/freight cars! XD


So then we just mine em? (And request when appropriate)
begins to make chart of allowed daily tc’s, eliminates use to speed crafting


I think this update supports iOS6, but Vungle doesn’t.



[SIZE=1]Hint hint: As a last minute add, you should add custom sized ownership signs :frowning:[/SIZE]


That’s how I understood what Apple says but I obviously didn’t read careful enough. This scenario seems to work for Slide Over only. Not for Split View.


I never thought the next update is coming so quickly! Great job Dave!
*Can you set the price of trade portals?


Haha, dont worry folks, Skeeve’s Gigantic Challenge wont be impossible. I will have to survive myself first before opening it to the public. But there will be lots of shark bait when it does open :lol:


YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS the hype is on . I will most likely turn my newest world" pvp mania" into a custom world…


No more having to wait for update to make servers, i love the migrate feature, maybe in 1.6.2 there should be an option to change non tc c.rafting r cipies.


He said already, no you can’t.

Well, Diamond Knight, it’s release is coming soon and you might want to partake of the world creation customizations, which are pretty cool.


What Jemni is saying is that you can’t choose to have more ore, smaller oceans, etc. in your world if you make it now, so you actually should wait to make it to be able to greater control the features of the world.
Just to be a bit more specific. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to watch the freakout in TC servers since TC safes will be patched.


That’ll be hilarious to watch.

Anyway, can’t wait for the update.


1 day ago, it was exactly a year since 1.6 came out, and only 2-3 more weeks and 1.6.1 will come out :slight_smile:


I hope Apple finishes processing the update quickly, this is probably the biggest mostly-server-centric update since cloud worlds.


Can you show screenshots of the new owner portal stuff?


This is great news, I can’t wait for the update :smiley:


this is great news, thanks Dave!

if you still entertain questions, i have just two: are there indicators in search list/loading page to show if a world is custom or vanilla ? and perhaps a tiny feature that shows only custom worlds or vanilla worlds in the list? i would like to take a stroll through custom worlds, also choose vanilla in case in the end i decide to still play old school :smiley: thanks for any answer you give!


That could be the cosmetic thing he’s talking about?..


Can we spawn mobs now? (>U<)/