1.6.1 - You will be able to migrate your worlds to custom rules


Plant carrots to spawn donkeys.
Plant pinecones to spawn dropbears.
Plant apples to spawn dodos.
Plant prickly pears to spawn scorpions.
Go to the portal to spawn blockheads.
Unfortunately, you cannot spawn cave trolls or sky elves.

Sky Elves?

Sky elves?



Is there an update count down thingy?


Thought about this over the weekend.
Another few guesses for the “cosmetic” feature that Dave included last minute:

  1. Chests display a tiny dot indicating they have content. Otherwise, the default image for empty.
  2. Boats become paintable
  3. Workbenches become paintable
  4. Animals become paintable (:lol:) That would be so hilarious!
  5. Meteor Showers. (Well, Dave seems to be an astronomy buff)


Ooh paintable boats and donkeys! That would be brilliant :cheerful: Wonder what the chances are…


Maybe pcs should turn into a new item: defective portal chest, that is recraftable into a portal, because it becoming a chest is kinda unfairish as tcs are valluable


Meteor showers? Hmmm, I guess right now Dave would rather fill the sky with squadrons of quadcopters…
Paintable animals? May I have a “No-pink-donkeys-in-this-world”-switch in the settings pls? :slight_smile:


Aww… but my daughter was really hoping to paint her donkeys pink! :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree whit you @ diamond knight… And then, how about this? The abilitey to move stuff across the servers should remain .
Thus, they are" defecktive portalchests" because moving stuff between servers will be inmpossible .


According to Dave’s tweets, it’s with Apple now. They are…how shall we say?..less than helpful in providing an exact date. I would guess 1-2 weeks or so. But it has taken longer sometimes.


It can be three days. It can be three weeks. It’s generally somewhere between the two, and depends, to a large degree, on what the update brings to the game.


Expect it to take some time. The apple guys love to play The Blockheads and will use the opportunity to potter around with the new custom worlds for as long as they can. “Sorry boss, I need another three days to check if there is some malware hidden in any of the gem trees!”

Haha, jk :slight_smile:


LOL, that would be funny if a ton of Apple testers started popping up on the beta test servers.


Well, I’m hoping for the release as soon as it can. I actually dreamed about the update last night.


Was the dream that the update was released today, and do you have a history of accurate predictive dreaming?!


Prophet WarriorCats dreamed that the update will occur during the next full moon!
Wait… that’s um… tomorrow!!


[FONT=Courier New]Very curious is it not? I find it is…[/FONT]
Hmm… It seems it hasn’t happened yet. Very curious. A curiosity is it not ?
Curiously, Apple seems to be quiet about it. Then again , it’s curious that they keep quiet about the testing. I suppose asking apple’s staff who are testing the blockheads might be a better idea than plotting Daves and other beta testers location and torturing them for Infomation. Curiously, I don’t think it will be that easy.


I don’t have a history of accurate predictive dreaming…
Very embarrassing to say this but I dreamed the update two days in a row now…(Let’s see what happens tonoight…)


so, what will happen to the owner signs when the world protection thing is used?


Wait and find out.