1.6.1 - You will be able to migrate your worlds to custom rules


My guess on what the ‘cosmetic feature’ that Dave added at the last minute is that blockheads’ looks can be customized, instead of just hitting the “Random” button. That always annoys me.


That would be nice.


I would have laughed so much if that had happened, but it appears it didn’t - nothing in my app store updates of a blockheady nature.

Oh and WarriorCats - I haven’t worked out how to quote from two different posts to reply, but every history has to start somewhere :wink:


Check this out, it may help. :slight_smile:


I can’t wait for the update. If it comes out this Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I will be thrilled to spend the entire weekend on the game!(And my new server too… Well, if anyone can help that’s better)


Just now… the number of updates in my app store went from 0 to 1

…could it be?!..



It was just one my apps that wasn’t named the blockheads



My inaccurate predictions says that the update will be released between next week to next next week


They take weekends off, don’t they?
Some apps might have set release dates for weekends, but I think they take weekends off.


And, Erick Matrix, I think this update would greatly benefit you.



I guess so.


Too bad.


any bugfixes?


Lots of bugfixes. In fact it was ALL bugfixes until Dave decided to add the “little” custom world creation feature.


File this under “Worse than Waterboarding”:

I opened my iPad today and saw that I had 6 Updates pending. Short of breath, I hastily opened the App Store.
Blockheads was not one of those 6 :frowning: Now that’s torture.


Maybe the update is releasing in my birthday :smiley: What an awesome gift!!! -


Been there, done that. What made it worse was that one of the updates actually was for The Blockheads, but it was instead of 1.6.1 :-/


I feel ya Skeeve… I had 8 pending this morning.

App Store: (lists 8 apps that are not BH)
Me: ;;–;-;;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;;-;-;-;; WHAIIIII


I’m also dying for it to come out in the App Store. I don’t put beta builds on my main devices unless we need to test on those particular devices for some reason, so I want the retail build too :slight_smile:


I have nightmares that the update comes out and I don’t check it for 3-4 days, missing all the excited players on new custom servers.


Ahhhhh…that state of euphoria when a BH update comes out :slight_smile: