1.6.1 - You will be able to migrate your worlds to custom rules


I got the update set I have no clue how to use it


Create a new single player or server world with the custom rules option. :slight_smile:


For those migrating their cloudworlds from vanilla to costum, the change takes some time, so be patient :wink:


Wait? It’s out? I can’t play it , since the update isn’t on the Malaysian App Store… Arggggghhh…
Maybe it’s not . Can anyone confirm this?


Mine was a little late. Try changing ur country. Idk how but maybe google and youtube might know


Mine was a little late. Try changing ur country. Idk how but maybe google and youtube might know


How do you use the spawn items thing i can’t spawn them or is it not working or am i using it wrong??


Is it in a server?
Did your blockheads “die” before spawning?
Answer those two questions.


So what is the last minute cosmetic feature? I can’t get the update until at least Thursday :-/


It’s Color settings!

So if you want a Red-looking Mars-like world: Just a few slider bars and Poof!


I did that on one of my worlds to make it have the impression of being in a dying solar system. :slight_smile:


Wow, that sounds amazing! I kinda want to remake my scifi and space based server now. I’ll check out and mess around with custom settings on single player and then probably save TC for a server


You go to pause - world options - spawn items, then change them. You can customize all seven slots. Then you warp in a new blockhead, and they’ll have that in their inventory.


I love how we can set the sky colour.


One thing you can’t do is put more than 1 basket in a slot. This is presumably because baskets are the one object in the game that do not stack.


That’s why Id just put enough sticks in a spawn item to cover baskets. Lol


Will we be able to disable custom rules in the future?


Yes, as owner of the world, you have the ability to turn any particular custom rule on and off.
(But you can’t go back to being a Vanilla World, however).

Also - you can’t change the world settings once the world is created. (For example, Ocean, Lakes, Gems, Ores, Cloud Islands, Temperature, etc.)

As an example - suppose you create a world allowing 99 Jet Packs. After you spawn in with your 99 Jet packs, you can then turn this back to the default items and then you will be the only person who spawned with Jet packs.
Very useful to explore the world before going public.


I only just realised that BHs does now fully support iOS9 multitasking. Yay!! Be it that you changed your mind or be it that it occured automatically, I love it and I will put it to good use. Made my day:)


What!? It does? Holy cow, I didn’t know that - this will be useful indeed.