1.6.1 - You will be able to migrate your worlds to custom rules


Noodlecake really takes a long time to process the update. With 1.6 , they released it as the same day it was released on the App Store. This time , it’s been five days and there is still no Android version. Ugh.


Update 1.6 was a major one, meaning that the infrastructure wasn’t backwards compatible. When that is the case the iOS update is held back until the Android one is ready. That is not the case with 1.6.1.


Milla, is there a time limit on migrating worlds to custom rules?


This has totally been one of the best updates (since 1.5) Really enjoying this!


I don’t think so. I think it will always be an option with any vanilla world in the cloud.


Roughly how long more does it take for blockheads 1.6.1 to come out for android? Its been nearly 2 weeks. Will it come out next week? Or next year…?


That’s a question for the Android developer, Noodlecake. They can be contacted via the game (link near the top of the HELP/CREDITS screen), or from their website:


So, if we have custom rules on a server, the trade portal prices are part of the server’s economy, and not the global economy?


will this apply to single player worlds as well?


That’s correct - buying and selling with the Trade Portal on custom worlds will not affect trade portals anywhere else. And even on Vanilla worlds, there are limits in place as to how much prices can be impacted. For example, we’ll never see Jet Fuel costing more than a full Jet Pack again.

If I understand correctly, customized Single Player worlds work the same way: Nothing you do affects the global prices. On the other hand, Vanilla Single Player worlds should still affect the global economy in a small way.


Thank you. I would wait until android 1.6.1 be released tho. :cheerful:


When is the android version 1.6.1 coming out?


We don’t know :slight_smile:

The Android developer got the Apple build at the same time as Apple, and are working to port it to Android. It will be released when they’re satisfied with their work.


I can’t wait :’(


Me too :). Hoepfully it will be released at the end of this month


Apparently Android is on


Hi… Im new here and i want to ask something is this “custom rules update” will be available in singleplayer also? or just in multiplayer? and one more thing im using android and everytime i join a server the app restarts and i cant join servers… please fix


T-that question goes under Bugs and Glitches: Android.


Is there custom rules already? What’s new basically?


^ Just bug fixes.