1.6.1 - You will be able to migrate your worlds to custom rules


Custom worlds can be singleplayer or multiplayer worlds.


I am really annoyed I migrated to custom by accident and I want to get back to normal and my friends keep trying to get me to cheat stuff in and I won’t can you please help me I am really sad that my best world could be ruined I had a world link please is there some way I can change back? If not I am really sad because I can no longer have my world link :frowning: I am running out of Iron!

I know that I just want my world to be legit again :frowning:


Oh man, sorry to hear that Phoenix! What a bummer that you accidentally customized!
Well, sorry, bud, I’m pretty sure there is no way to reverse once you customize.
You can try contacting support(at)theblockheads(dot)net and see if Milla or Dave have some Majic, but I think the code is pretty much hardwired to be a one-way conversion.

If you do contact support, provide you support ID from your device. (Open the game to any world, then press pause, and then go to Help/Credits. Scroll down to “Support” and you should find your Support ID. This is unique to your device and is like a password, so don’t share it with anyone except support)


They might be able to do a rollback. I’m not sure. I know the one way customization was to prevent people using free trade portals to get tons of items and then converting it back to vanilla. But if you just want to undo a mistake, then they might have that option.

I’m curious why you think custom is not legit? You could have an extremely legit custom server if you just don’t use trade portals. Nobody can bring in items with a PC, so that (to me) would be very legit. Everything would need to be crafted. What do you mean by world link? Sharing the server link? Custom servers can still be shared via link. If you are low on iron, you could change the TP and get a lot of iron, place that in shops, then disable trade portals again. There seem to be options if a rollback is not possible.


I’m afraid that once a world is custom it stays that way. There is no way to reverse the conversion.


wow the update is cool
there are many glitches
I can et unlimited TC


Um, free time crystals aren’t a good thing. The server worlds take cloud space, which costs money. People buying time crystals provide the main funding for the cloud, and stealing time crystals is stealing from the game. If you have found a way to get unlimited time crystals, please contact Milla on how you are obtaining them.


Yeah… He’s right… Oh also I was plaring, and something weird happended, and it looks like I and found the glitch. :confused: I have unlimited tc. :confused: So, should i just make a buncha workbenches or a buncha portals or what?


Yeah, portals and burn them in lava. Or teleport around places 200 TC away.


and report your dangerous find to milla of course! :smiley:


It’s unlimited. That means you can’t get rid of it via conventional methods. Does the number/count just stay there?


Lol not unlimited. A few hours of workbenches and digging tunnels to lava, and I’m back to my original amount. 12,000 tc. It’s 7,500 now though


I have been playing the knew update and it is amazing good job