1.6 Servers

Edit: These have been shut down

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I’m hosting 1.6 servers for iPhone 6S/7 Users, Chromebook users, and Amazon users!

I currently have 1 world: 1.6 NORMAL
It’s a vanilla world, 1x.
IP: block.wingysam.xyz
Port: 15199

I plan to create an easy custom rules one, and a hard custom rules server. Unless everyone wants to only have one server so that they can be with everyone on 1.6 multiplayer.


Which worlds do you want? (I’ll add them if they get more than 50%) Multiple choice.

  • 1.6 Vanilla
  • 1.6 Easy
  • 1.6 Hard

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I have two original iPads that are stuck in 1.6.0, this would be a nice trip back to 1.6. I would miss custom skins, pets, etc though. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have an iPad stuck in 1.6 and an ancient phone stuck in iOS 6. I’ll have to try these out!


Well i have 1.7 but i know what you feel guys.I remember when i had a cheap phone (1 year ago) and i cant just download blockheads there!

Please bring the 1.6 servers back.
I would love to play 1.6 servers on my original ipad, it would be a blast to the past.
It would also be more fun because its kinda boring playing by yourself.
Please bring them back a lot of people would benefit from it, theres still people playing on kindle and old ios devices.

That can’t be done. Despite what you might think, very few people are playing such an old version of the game.

Well i understand nobody cares, but theres got to be a way were i can set up my own server and make it work with 1.6. If it worked back then, its gotta work now.

It can’t work now because it’s no longer available. :man_shrugging:

I forget my password in block.wingysam.com
I going to contact wingysam later, zzz.