1.6 'TAKE FLIGHT' is out!


Yay for us!


Platinum coins!

And sure, flying looks like it’ll be fun too.


I am flying… so[ awesome.


Im going to create a server base on this update today! Cant wait!!!


Nahhhhhh… Still has not come out for me, rage is building up…


My rage is still up because my mom hid my iPod, which had my best SP world. Now I only have a iPad Mini who’s world is not that good.


My ipod touch 5 lags so bad now


My iPhone 4 lags something awful. But, it’s worth it to fly

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Simply Legendary! NOW TO PLAY!!! :smiley:


Gem trees ? Possibly ?

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Anyone figure out how to do sign ownership?

Edit: Nevermind its on the spawn portal☺️


On to crafting,I’ll try to find out.
And no,I’m NOT making a jetpack.


Danie, there is a new item called the ownership sign, that can only be warped in at the portal by admins. It protects all blocks in a 31 by 31 radius.


Thank you… i was trying to figure this one out.

Also… flying is also autopilot!!! Whaaa??? Yes, autopilot. The blockhead finds the best path on its own.

So cool.


Do I need to create a new world to experience all the new features or get the new ores?


my reaction to this
[spoiler]YESS YESSS YEEEEESSSSS!!! I AM SO ----------------------------EXCIT-ED FOR TH-E N-EW UPDAT-E!! 38)[/spoiler]



The new ores can be found using a new bench!

Also sky islands and other new features can be found in unexplored areas. Not sure if this includes new ores, but as said, ores can be found using the new bench!


New ores also spawn naturally.




Jetpacks are awesome, I need to do some skywriting in the unexplored areas of the sky