1.6 'TAKE FLIGHT' is out!


YUS! When Arella and I turned on our iPad, with headed straight to the appstore, when we saw it, we were like, “OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!” Panting like hungry dogs! YUSSSSSSS! Wait, ownership signs can only be made by ADMINS? Needs to know NOW! Also, another thing, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

I can’t WAIT to live on a sky island! The skies were always empty and cloudless!


Is it true? It’s true!

[SIZE=4]YES! [COLOR="#FF0000"]1.6[/COLOR] is [COLOR="#0000FF"]out[/COLOR]! :D:D:D[/SIZE]

That’s SO AWESOME! :D:D:D Thank you so much, beta testers, Milla, Zhaus, Dave, the people who made the coffee to keep Dave awake, the farmers who grew that coffee, the people who made the coffee recipes, etc. :smiley:




Correct, ownership signs can only be made and placed by admins.


Finally :D!!!

(Time’s running fast…)


O3O yes yay woo

Now my theme park plants will stop dying


Dave, you are amazing. This is how amazing the lightning looks, at Octocrab palace.

Also, a jetpack’s worth a 6000 gc! I think I’ll stick to crafting one.


Yes after a whole day of school waiting to download it, yayayayayyayay


I KNEW the clouds were different!
Edit: Hey, the blockheads are standing differently:


dave this proves you are the best at this


Well shoot… I just drained my iPad’s battery down to 17%. But DANG is flying fun.

I was hoping the titanium pickaxe would take out natural stone’s back wall, but I like the ability to leave back wall, and selectively remove it, without reinforced platforms.

Ownership signs are just plain awesome. They almost remove the need for mods and admins…


Admins and mods: NOOOOOO, we hate this update!!!


Thanks Dave! Now go take a well deserved vacation!:smiley:


Just downloaded this and watched the trailer but I haven’t played yet, thanks so much for the update :slight_smile:

I’m most excited about the tulips. Judge me if you like…

Long story short - had a long break from the game because I got stressed about multiplayer griefing and other grief back in summer - but started playing my singleplayer again last week - came to look on this site for some info on Monday and saw the update teaser. The game was obviously calling me back :cool:

Trying to decide whether I should start a fresh world to experience the newness.


I freaked out when I saw the update on the App Store, its going to be AWESOME! :smiley:


Im back ladiez n gentz … And woot


LOTS of idea Pop up
Ima making new server!

Beware of Heavy traffic on cloud!


Oh Man, 6000GC was CHEAP - you should have bought one HFB, the price is 93,000 GC (930 Platinum Coins) now!!! :eek:


I bought my Jetpack early for about 350pc. I wonder what it will be at when I wake up tomorrow? Hopefully not over 2772pc.


How is that? Admins are in high demand to run and place those signs, lol


Ok! I have decided that Blockheads is my favourite game and I will fail my upcoming maths yearly test this Friday to play Blockheads. :slight_smile:


Y’know what? I think I’m gonna make a ton of Jetpacks to sell heh heh then I’ll be riiiiccchhh