1.6 'TAKE FLIGHT' is out!


Where can I make a jetpack?


I dunno I’ll find out sooner or later though.


Now that my wordless excited raving is done, I decided to join the site so I could say… "OMG, I love it!"
Just the lighting! Is beautiful!


It’s like 6:50 AM where I am at. I’M SO EXCITED!!! Friday and weekends is when I can mostly use my IPad. 2 days, then I’ll be like, " YEAH, 1.6! THANK DAVE! YEAH!!! " But now I’m like, " HURRY UP FRIDAY!!! "


Now let’s wait for 1.7 XD


Engine from a metalwork bench the rest from the craft bench


[CENTER]Yes! Finally! Jetpacks!
[U]Titanium Ore and Coins![/U]
[U][SIZE=3]Carbon Fiber Swords, Armor and Blocks![/SIZE][/U]
[U][SIZE=4]Sky Islands[/SIZE][/U]
[U][SIZE=5]New Crafting![/SIZE][/U]
[U][SIZE=5] New textures and Shading/Lighting![/SIZE][/U] :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you so much MajicDave! And to everyone else too! You have stopped from doing my homework! XD (No worries, returned back to studying! XD)[/CENTER]

EDIT:[SIZE=1]Whoops! Was too overexcited I think. Or maybe too overwhelmed. Sorry Milla![/SIZE]


The hype is real!It’s out! :smiley:


Wow! This is a great update! Can’t wait to play when I get home from work.


The Royal Penguin Army will have its Aerial division! :smiley: Splendid!


The cost of fuel has sky rocketed. Oil prices have increased. Blockheads global warming? Please no.

Soon, the cost of flax seeds will increase once peeps realize the lucrative derivative.

Flax seed farms will be worth billions I tell ya!!!

Shhhhh… don’t tell the low info folks who can’t see past 2 levels of need.


I bought one for him :stuck_out_tongue:


I misread it, it was actually 60k GC, not 6K.
Where are ownership signs made?
Nevermind, found it. At the portal for 1 sign, 3 Gold Ingots.


Awesome!!! (And about time if you ask me :wink: )


Actually, considering what was added and the enourmity of coding that must have been required, I’m kinda surprised it came out this early. But, your words echo the eager anticipation we all felt building up in the last few months!


Anti-grief. No more greiving over your griefed builds :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


woo hoo! 1.6 time!


This is awesome ^^, guess it’s time to get back into Blockheads.


I’m amazed at how far we have come! I think Dave is owed a lot for this update, making it possibly one of the best updates out yet! I look forward to playing it when I can ;D
Thanks Dave and the beta testers for doing this! Your awesome! XD


I too would also like to thank the Beta testers for great self-control at keeping the update details secret!
Many things were a total surprise and it was like opening a Christmas gift to me. Great job!

So now that Dave has conquered Land and Sky - I’m throwing in an early prediction for 1.7: The Seafaring Update!
Submarines and Underwater Cities? :smiley: