1.6 'TAKE FLIGHT' is out!


Let’s not get too carried away :stuck_out_tongue: but no seriously. Even so… That would be awesome…


If you’re an admin… Craft an ownership sign at a portal for 3 gold ingots and 1 sign, then place it. In a fifteen block radius (so 31 blocks total) blocks will be irremovable and not placeable by aynone but admins.

Jetpacks shouldn’t cause lag, all they do is allow blockheads to move to more locations…


15 block radius (I think) which means 31 blocks total.

If you mean to remove the backwall as you remove the block, that would make torches and lanterns useless…

Haha, tulips are awesome. You can crossbreed them to get different colors, or find natural rare colors! I found a solid purple one by a diamond tree.

That may take a while, since what it takes to make them is getting constantly more expensive and is relatively rare, anyway (850 oil and 9 titanium…)

See the guide below, but it’s made in a craft bench (and the jetpack engines are made in the metalwork bench.)


I doubt plants will get too expensive. Especially when people realize that in their servers, they can make a flat area, protect up to one block above the ground, place compost and then flax on top of that, and all people can destroy is the flax seeds when they grow, and then go sell them in the trade portal.

(Yet somehow I heard that we weren’t doing as good a job at keeping things secret as we usually do…)
Christmas presents. :slight_smile: I think that’s how it was meant to be. (Well, but in November of course.)


Thanksgiving bonanza… the mothers and wives will be ****ed this Thanksgiving as their loved ones will be glued to their Blockheads game.

I foresee many arguments about wasting time and not paying attention while on the smartphone/smart pads.


So my plants in compost will NEVER die?


cool i updated it earlier today :slight_smile: can’t wait to make a jetpack


Correct, unless you chop them down. Or destroy the compost. Or set them on fire.


It was mentioned that the islands would appear in previously unexplored areas of sky, but will the new ores like titanium appear in previously unexplored areas underground? I really don’t want to have to restart my world just for the new ores.


Ores come in previously explored (yes, explored, unexplored too of course though) areas of the ground. You can also get the new ores from sluicing gravel.




That…is…amazing! I can’t wait to find tulips! They are my favourite plant!!

if anyone wants to get on my good side, all you have to do is give me red and white tulips and ill love you forever, I’m not even kidding! They are my all time favourite flower :3 I think they are beautiful.


Diamond Trees? I cannot plant one. =|

Do you need 2 ownership signs to make the ownership thing work?


Flowers never die either? I chopped one down because i wanted a souvineer lol


You don’t plant them; you find them.

Plants and trees won’t die naturally in compost.


yes is coming soon





I feel that i might have overhyped this update a little. But still, nice work :slight_smile:


Diamond Trees aren’t created by planting - you find them on Cloud Islands in the sky. (Except I haven’t found a single one yet, lol)

Only 1 Ownership sign is needed unless you want a bigger area. The Area of Non-Griefability extends 15 squares in all directions around the sign. You will see a Yellow or Green line marking the boundaries once you try to place a block.

Overlapping signs will allow two or more people to modify the terrain.


How many ownership signs can you get? And how do you get one? I heard you get it from admins in the portals.


You can make as many ownership signs as you have gold and signs for, but only admins can make thema nd only admins can place them.


We’ve noticed players can make signs on SP and portal chest them in. Although like you mentioned, they can only be placed by an Admin.

On SGE, we are considering a requirement to make your own Ownership Signs for these reasons:

  1. Too many people are asking for signs to be placed. This will space out the requests greatly.
  2. Forces the player to have a serious investment on the server first.
  3. Weeds out the Noobs who just want a protected zone and will probably never come back.