1.6 'TAKE FLIGHT' is out!


I have a question. If an admin places a sign for a player, then would the player they placed it for be able to modify it?


Not the sign, but everything around it is modifiable for him of course.


The signs are a huge help. Personally, Spawn is now protected even better than ever before! The update is also great, and now I’m getting even more of my friends to play the game since “Jetpacks make everything cooler and better.”


Thanks so much for this update. There is a lot of new content in this one. Travel. Mining. Farming. Crafting. Pvp. Anti griefer. And so much more. I really appreciate it all.

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I have already found loads of sky islands and I was terrified when there was a scorpion on one of them


This has been a fantastic update. So much STUFF. I just don’t like that my antique iPhone 4 is laggy now. But, it is well worth it

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This update is amazing thanks dave


Just a question, did you get the idea from me?


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Thats a banner I made on the first day on 1.6. It’s amazing, allthough I don’t like all the shades.


That looks so cool! The shading makes it seem mysterious :smiley:


Dave, how many tulip colour variations are there?
Can you possibly give more details about how they are cross-bred, because quite often the colours are very hard to distinguish, thus very hard for me to give them names and sort into categories for storage. Varied light sources also make this task extremely troublesome (how about some better lighting for greenhouse? :wink: )
It would be really good if you could add names the bulbs instead of 1 generic title!


There’s a pretty much infinite number of color variations, all done by algorithms and scripting - he didn’t paint all the colors. So there are a lot of barely-noticable color changes that will occur.


Awesome update!


now that i think about i was kinda expecting more from this update no offense but i was hopping for like more electrical stuff then just the sluice and jetpack


What about the press?


Pitiful. Griping already ? Be glad for what you got. It’s free.

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I was kind of disappointed that there weren’t any new mobs, but still, we shouldn’t be complaining about this amazing update!
And there’s more to it than jetpacks and sluices…


still not much more electric

well if you think about it for a small bit i was hopping for like a vast variety not just electric version of old benches ( not including sluice) i was hoping more of like things that were suggested from 1.5 but then again dave kinda left the project alone for a while then got back on again so yeah


Don’t double post, please.

There’s the refinery, sluice, electric press, and jetpack. Don’t forget that while Dave was “leaving the project alone”, he created 1.5.2, introducing cloud worlds. Dave added plenty of things that were suggested. In fact, someone created a whole thread about that.