1.6 teaser and launch date!


Ohhhh that looks amazing! A step further for Penguins to reach the moon


Omgerrdd!!! Yessss sooo excided!!! :laughing::laughing:


Jet packs, epic!!! I never thought they would actually be added, your going down MC!!!

They will be perfect for my Star Wars server when I fund it!!!


it that steel tops???


Any other new features exept jetpacks?


Maybe carbon armer

Baa sss :confused:


Omg! How cool is that? I can’t wait!


4 more days for me (Canada)
4 more days until the attack of the flying Griller grandma…


I have officially changed my stance on 1.6. I am impatient, and happy.

• And hoping for bigger, better boats

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4 days!!! ( -5 GMT )


3 days, using the time in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. It could be a day earlier for a lot of people here, than the poster states.


I’d not be too sure about the date. First of all we don’t know if its the 19th new zealand time or rather the 19th US time, which will be more relevant for apple’s and google’s store. And we don’t know at which time of day it will be released. And experience shows that it wont even be released simultaniously in all app stores around the world.


Yay, I can be Batman!


Finally i have been waiting so long! I thought it no longer updates… :wink:


This is exactly why I would like everyone to use UTC. It’s the global standard for relative time zones, and would prevent this confusion.

Outside DLS we are 12 hours ahead of UTC, i.e. UTC +12.

Current UTC time is Sunday, November 16 at 1:16 AM. In NZ, because we are in DLS (NZDT) it is 2:16 PM Sunday.


correct me if im wrong, but i dont think youve mentioned this anywhere on the forums before this… the way you wrote that made it sound like you werent happy with the time differences going on, but we didnt know to use UTC


I have posted it, in the free stuff world, from memory, and before that in one other, but I forget which. People just ignore me on this point, so I may make it a rule. To be honest it just makes more sense, and it shouldn’t need to be a rule, because it’s so easy, once you know what your time zone is relative to UTC (A.K.A. GMT) :slight_smile:



Then I believe I’m UTC -7, I think. If that’s the case, then would this post be at 1:55 AM UTC?


So, if I wake up here in north america EST (-5 GMT) time and I look at the forums, the 1.6 thread is already posted when it is still the 18th for me?