1.6 teaser and launch date!


I’d believe it’s tilt controls. What’s the fun of flying with a jetpack if there’s no chance that you’ll collide into a wall?


Truer words were never spoken…


The same amount of fun there is with a handcart that also has the chance of running into the wall, (or the ground). :stuck_out_tongue:


(I really want a vacation to new zealand, but the costs are tremendous and there is no direct flight from here to new zealond.)


Tilt controls would be fun but tap control would be much more useful for us builders.


3 days im soooooo excited


Imagine being able to do stunts… That would be glorius!


Airplanes? Pfft. Jet packs. Much cooler.

(But an airplane to carry multiple blockheads in at once would be nice.)


I still don’t get what time exactly 1.6 will be released even though I know UTC and my time according to UTC! Am I correct in assuming that once we hit midnight (from the 18th-19th) according to UTC 1.6 will be ready to download? :confused:


I think its any time on the 19th either utc or New Zealand time


The hype train is now powered by a nuclear reactor!!!


A nuclear reactor or 20 more like…


I’m currently building a jet pack launch pad on diamond’s kingdom.


Lol I’m 12 hours behind milla. Update would come off when I wake up at 6AM for school on Wednesday…


2 more days to go!! :smiley:


How come hey don’t add dirtbikes or atvs? [emoji37][emoji37][emoji37][emoji37][emoji37][emoji37][emoji37]

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Thank goodness I made that last 50 iron


Now I’m feeling a strange sensation when I think about 1.6, a mix of anticipation, excitement, and panic :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if anyone mentioned or saw this yet:

David Frampton
I’ve made all crafting twice as fast in 1.6, which should make lots of people happy. It was always a little too slow I think.

It was on his twitter, by the way!


Noted in GD.