1.6 teaser and launch date!


How come hey don’t add dirtbikes or atvs? [emoji37][emoji37][emoji37][emoji37][emoji37][emoji37][emoji37]

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Thank goodness I made that last 50 iron


Now I’m feeling a strange sensation when I think about 1.6, a mix of anticipation, excitement, and panic :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if anyone mentioned or saw this yet:

David Frampton
I’ve made all crafting twice as fast in 1.6, which should make lots of people happy. It was always a little too slow I think.

It was on his twitter, by the way!


Noted in GD.


Ah, yes, I just saw it. Thanks.


My duplication base is dead dead… The Hard Work of duplication


Hard work of duplication?


How much is the Jet Pack in trade portals?? or crafting stuffs??

Is there new stuffs other than Jet Packs??

-Didn’t read the previous comments-

EDIT-I forgot to say this, YaY YaY YaY FINALLY!


Double crafting times for everyone maddie, so that’s 4x for people with double-time.


Yesssssss!!! They are gonna crush duping!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :cool:

Party time!!!


Never did like duping. Cheated Dave out of MONEY

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I just cant wait.


Two more days… .-.

calms down xD


It’s actually quite the reverse. Crafting times will be halved.


Double crafting op! Although I never tried it I heard it’s great!


So the people who bought double time got it for nothing now. :frowning:


No. They will work at quad speed.


What makes you say that?


No, the people with double time will get quadruple the speed of crafting times now in the new update, as stated by people above.