1.6 teaser and launch date!


Tell us please

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Oh my beans…


Nah, it was the little floaty things, as found here :stuck_out_tongue:



I thought they were player made :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I saw a sink!!! And leaves falling as well as branching trunks


Whatever is on top of it though is awesome (the tree thingy)



Wow I never even noticed the two trees stacked apron one another


A new tree type! :smiley: That’s so cool! :smiley: (It’s a Maaaaaaaaaaajical Island…in the sky… [to be sung to the tune of some Disney movie :p])

Right now I’ve gotten to the point where I’m gonna turn on my iPod very first thing when I get home tomorrow XD I’m so lucky, tomorrow is one of my less busy days :wink:


hi dave [emoji39][emoji112][emoji112][emoji112][emoji13]


Crafting speed is doubled. The term double-time is an old and established one, originally from the military, meaning to march at twice the normal speed.


Its tommorow for mehh hallelujahh​:clap::clap::clap::tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:


It’s tonight for me. As in, at the night between today and tomorrow. Oh well, atleast I wont have to wait, since I’ll be sleeping. But then there’s school, where I can’t play it much.
The description said TITANIUM swords. New ore?


i seeeeeee treesss kind of shedding leaves??? like cherry blossom trees irl

d view is 3dish??? or some
kind of

d rest im still trying to find…???

something new to mine??? and that block wth d texture of teenie tiny

and… a new workbench??? [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji33]or is it a plaything ??? d one at d house where someone was meditating and spawning there was a guy at d left idk

and blocks being placed without platforms
yet dont create a backdrop

am i seeing things??
in this image what is that?? and theres sum kind of a pipe what is that red and white thing???


The new workbench on the right, from the video discription, it’s an oil refinery. But I don’t know what the new wrkbench on the left is


yes i was referring to d left what is that what is he doing??? hahahah [emoji102][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102] is that a workbench?? a machine??? a toy?!? and what is that red and white thing??? am i double posting?? am such a noob and uber hyper im sorreyyy


I can’t wait can’t wait can


hahahaha @talker hahahaha we all caaant wait


Go to 19 seconds in the new video jet pack looks awesome :slight_smile:


@letus link pls???


It’s on the last page one sec…