1.6 teaser and launch date!


Youtube trailer: http://youtu.be/G0YDx4wFFqA?list=UUZuNN5_Qnv1rFyN5wqQtXmQ


@letud ooooh u mustve meant 9secs hahahaha ok yaaaaa its awesommm but shud i lul for sumthing there aside from d jetpacks?? d bh lukd
like cupid bt with a poisoned bow hahahahah

@bibliophile thankkkssss ive been trying to play then pause then play to see if sumthing else
is new hahahaha


This update is gonna be awesome !!!


19 seconds…


19secsssss -.- im gonna go blind here hahahahahaha @letus iv replayed it dozens all i see is d burning tree and d branches below is under d limestone house ovaerlapping and everything else seems not so unusal

m going nuts… what am i missing here [emoji37][emoji38][emoji23][emoji24]


Awesome jet pack footage


@letus ooooooooooooooh [emoji13] gawd sorry i feel so stupid now i was thinking im supposed to find a clue in there like a hidden mickey hahahahah gawd im clueless sumtyms hahahahhaa got it [emoji111]️[emoji13][emoji106]




Yeess it’s awesome and look well controlled in flight, ( at least on the video ). Once I updated probably won’t hear from me for a while because I’ll be learning how to fly that little piece of machinery. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im going to make one and then fly up as high as possible and then crash and burn back to the core…


I hear you!! Do it man! :slight_smile:


just a DAY!!!


Hi one question


Go ahead, talker :slight_smile:


It actually has branches sticking out. :smiley:


So excited I just finished my launching pad (black glass and basalt!) also the red ribbon!


I already have a jetpack landing and launching pad in skeeveworld amusement park at SGE.


what tym is this gonna be out?!??? hehehe


Thank you Dave for including some handcar jumping footage. :smiley:


Anyone know if the Cloud Servers will update immediately after release or how long the delay will be?