1.6 teaser and launch date!


So excited I just finished my launching pad (black glass and basalt!) also the red ribbon!


I already have a jetpack landing and launching pad in skeeveworld amusement park at SGE.


what tym is this gonna be out?!??? hehehe


Thank you Dave for including some handcar jumping footage. :smiley:


Anyone know if the Cloud Servers will update immediately after release or how long the delay will be?


Wait a minute… Are the clouds in the picture different?


I’m glad crafting time is reduced (read that off of blockheads wiki) and I’m worried that I won’t have enough to make a jetpack


I wonder if this will be added…


Where did you find that image?


That’s from Cheeseworld.


What type of fuel would the jetpacks use?


I think it is Nov 19 in NZ already… Why is the 1.6 thread not posted yet? 0_0


It’s about 10:00 in New Zealand right now.


Is that AM or PM ?

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Jetpacks use oil :wink:

Also, can we know the exact time, so I can be ready at school??[emoji3] Pretty Pweeease


How will the update effect existing server multi-player worlds?

When/where will the update list be posted?


2 hours ago, Dave tweeted “6 hours until 1.6 is out”.


Dave tweeted a couple of hours ago that there’s 6 hours to go…
Middle of the night for me :confused:


10 pm for me, so I’ll have to go to sleep :confused: Also, is Sam doing a trailer too? :confused: