1.6 teaser and launch date!


You guys know me … I don’t waste posts. But OHmanOhManOhmanOhman… The anticipation is too much for me.
I’m gonna burst!

Quick - someone get me an Ice Torch! I need to cool down!


I’m feeling just like Skeeve right now! XD

Only thing is, it’s worse for me, since I just remembered that I have a band concert tonight and so I won’t be here for the launch :frowning:


Oh Man Cheese! That’s a Bummer!

Well - would be really great if the band was playing Elton John’s “Rocket Man” - You could at least THINK about flying around on a jet pack.


3 hours!

I have stuff tonight, too! 2 hours or so of stuff about an hour after launch! :frowning:


;-; we’re all busy…


I don’t get home till 2 hours after the update. :frowning: and I don’t want to be late for work. But there is only one blockheads 1.6 update launch ever.


I’m overexcited as well!! Can’t wait, and I’ll most likely be up all night playing:D


So… am I the only person sitting here constantly refreshing?


Nope! I’m right with you Harrison!


8 Minutes ago, Dave just announced on Twitter that the Cloud Worlds will re-load and come back updated [U]right about the same time the update is released!!![/U]


I have already issued death threats to any of my admins if they explore any of the unexplored sky. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve saved up all my gc and cc. I’m ready to buy the materials to craft the new benches if any and craft the jet packs over 9000 times. If only he added Dirtbikes I’d be freaking out cause I love them.

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Questions, the tweet from Dave said 4hrs till 1.6 is up, so my time 6:51-4=2:51 right? So add 6hrs (when update will be out) so 2:51+6hr= 8:51pm right? Or am i just hallucinating because its out soon or doing teh math wrong? :stuck_out_tongue: (So the 1.6 will be able to download at 8:51pm right?)


Lolz… my first stop will be Pletobia to claim my block… I already have a list of what blocks a want and alternates incase I don’t get the ones I want :slight_smile: Then… I shall go and build and have fun!!


Gl hf with the new update! :slight_smile: ^


1 and a half hours… I think


NOPE! 27 mins, several secs till update! :smiley: gl hf all! :smiley: tylel me all about it! :smiley:


Just a bit of a warning, we won’t be able to time it EXACTLY right for everyone. This means that for an hour or two you might not be able to connect to cloud worlds because either a) you have got the update installed but the cloud hasn’t updated yet or b) the cloud has updated but you haven’t managed to update the game yet.

Hopefully there won’t be too many issues, but don’t panic if you can’t connect to worlds for a bit, it should come right pretty soon!




I’ve got it in iTunes right now.


Just put my little girl to bed. Had to break the news that Blockheads 1.6 will have to wait until morning.
She’s 7 - keeps asking me if there are new animals, lol. I told her… I don’t know sweety - but there’s Jet Packs!

She doesn’t seem quite as interested in the Jet Packs as me. Oh well. :slight_smile: