1.6 teaser and launch date!


NOPE! 27 mins, several secs till update! :smiley: gl hf all! :smiley: tylel me all about it! :smiley:


Just a bit of a warning, we won’t be able to time it EXACTLY right for everyone. This means that for an hour or two you might not be able to connect to cloud worlds because either a) you have got the update installed but the cloud hasn’t updated yet or b) the cloud has updated but you haven’t managed to update the game yet.

Hopefully there won’t be too many issues, but don’t panic if you can’t connect to worlds for a bit, it should come right pretty soon!




I’ve got it in iTunes right now.


Just put my little girl to bed. Had to break the news that Blockheads 1.6 will have to wait until morning.
She’s 7 - keeps asking me if there are new animals, lol. I told her… I don’t know sweety - but there’s Jet Packs!

She doesn’t seem quite as interested in the Jet Packs as me. Oh well. :slight_smile:


I got the update but the description is of the old update?


aaahhh nuts im from asia i dont have it yet [emoji58]


Thank you Dave! I love the way it fits the screen on the 6 plus now!


Woooo! The update is here! :smiley:


Wowww… The shadows look EPIC! You are truly majic :slight_smile:


Just updated. It looks so beautiful :D. I’m gonna be up all night playing.


Can we get a list of what’s new?


It’s out! It’s 10 am in sunny Singapore and I’ve got a whole day of exploring ahead :slight_smile:


its here!!! but i cant get in yet




Can we buy jetpacks through the trade portal?

How to make?


200 platinum coins or 20,000 gold coins at a trade portal.:wink:


Check the wiki



Yes… ownership areas!!! so long griefing!!!


Where will the titanium ores be? I a
Have explored lots of caves already