1.6 teaser and launch date!


I think I might cry ;-;
I made topics about wings that you could make and propellor hats! I got told it would be too op but who is laughing now?! mahahahaha! jk.
But…seriously…Jet Packs?!


Titanium ore can be obtained through sluicing or mining. It has the possibility to generate in already explored portions of the world. I am not sure of the elevation limit.


I have the update!


I’m trying to get tulips… But they are on the other side of the world so I’m tunneling through the mountains. Beautiful update! I found two floating islands and they are so pretty! Thanks Majicdave!


Where are the jet packs found

Jet packs!!! Help me find them

I need help

Need help[emoji85]


Calm dowwwwnnnnnnn, Talker, you double posted, delete one of the post, or merge them together with edit.

Calm, yet? Ok, good! Jetpacks are made, not found, you can also buy them, ( they’re extremely expensive, I would appreciate it, if you MADE it, not buy.) also, I don’t think. I need to explain how to make them, there’s already a thread telling you all how to make a jetpack, I hope I helped you! :slight_smile:



Talker, stop double posting!


Thank youûuuuuuuuuu Soooooooo much


No problem, but please merge your previous posts, please. It’s against the rules to double post.


But how do you make it :slight_smile:
The jetpack

Thank youûuuuuuuuuu Soooooooo much need help I need help Jet packs!!! Help me find them But how do you make it :slight_smile:
The jetpack
I need to know where to make it

Help me find some jetpacks

There are no zombies in blockhead s


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