1.6 teaser and launch date!


Such power!


no, i just bought double time :stuck_out_tongue:


I have double time too…


Flight, and double crafting speed. Nice. I wonder what other stuff there is ? Ooh, I can’t wait !!!

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Crafting twice as fast?! Wow! That’s just amazing. How am I gonna keep all 5 of my BH’s busy now!
Time to crack the whip on those slaves!!


Crossbows + jet packs = epic air battles.

@skeeve Put your bhs in cold storage revive them when you need them. :smiley:



in the poster we see:

an dark-green sword

an carbon fiber boots

the jetpack has some sort of bluish flames coming out

and at the bottom we see the clouds


Ohhhhhhh you guys are so lucky.I just lost my phone. I should make thread on how to find it.( Hint im sure it’s in my house).


I wish I still had my old world, the update would be much better on there :frowning:


Conveniently, I have a freezer at my Palace on SGE! :smiley:


Omg (then faints and reilises!!) [noparse]:d[/noparse] =:d


Ok - who’s gonna be the first person to wear both a Jet Pack AND a Tin Foil Hat? :eek:

Blockhead on AUTOPILOT!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I think I’m gonna build an Air Traffic Control Tower.
Interesting fact: Ronnie built a Heli-Port on SGE’s Fire House in anticipaton of version 1.6 (without knowing anything about jet packs)


I was thinking of making a trade port somewhere to some server, with helicopter/airplane/jetpack landing spots right before this came, but I didn’t have time to make them before


Uh, why do you say that? Everyone with their own world will have to craft new stuff from scratch, while on other servers players can team together, maybe.

I’m looking forward to more activity on servers that used to be popular and haven’t been for a while. I remember when OpenSkylands first went public I sometimes couldn’t log in due to the players being maxed out. Now, it sits idle for days at a time. Such a huge factory it has too.


:open_mouth: But I wonder how much they’re going to cost since jetpacks in the real world cost $200,000 :P.


I’m sure they will be reasonable to craft, just require late game materials


That tweet…is AMAZING! We can craft faster now!


Try calling it, if it isnt dead.


I agree. Possibly related to what was said about the new items being linked to current items. (If I recall correctly. It was something in that format)

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I don’t think jet engines’ afterburners make blue flames…