1.6 teaser and launch date!


will they have grass blocks on 1.6???


Why wouldn’t they?




they have dirt blocks lol with grass not grass


So then why would we need full grass blocks? What purpose would they have…?


Yes… Yes >:3
The Griller Grandma shall act now… And take over >:0

flies up high in the sky
raining ember bombs

(I don’t think there are ember bombs in the update ;c)


Yyyeeeeaaaas! I can’t wait!


Awe… some… wow…srsly… YES


4 more days!!


No like tall grass


And the countdown! XD :smiley: This will be a long, long week…:stuck_out_tongue:


No, It’s 5 days here in the U.S

Being in space is fun!!!


[spoiler] oh my gosh!!! :smiley: :eek::confused::eek::rolleyes::slight_smile: [/spoiler]

I have been waiting soooooooo freaking cluckin poopy long, this day has finnaly come :slight_smile:


no, we would get to craft even faster.


Flo was counting from his timezone in Paris, it’s four more days for me too, and the majority of the world at this point.

To save us from arguing over which timezone makes most sense, I think using whatever timezone Hawkes Bay is in would be easiest. It’s where the game is made so the date and time on the teaser is more relevant. If dave releases it early morning New Zealand, it could be here late-night in Europe or the USA.


Ohhhh that looks amazing! A step further for Penguins to reach the moon


Omgerrdd!!! Yessss sooo excided!!! :laughing::laughing:


Jet packs, epic!!! I never thought they would actually be added, your going down MC!!!

They will be perfect for my Star Wars server when I fund it!!!


it that steel tops???


Any other new features exept jetpacks?