1.7.2 Taming sharks seems to feed It larger than normal (Other that is not feed by player)



Is it only me or you guys experience this too. I was trying to tame a shark (medium-sized), then it took a long time, but before it got name (tamed) it was larger than other sharks in a different tank.


This should be im #bugs-glitches or #bugs-glitches-android depending on the platform, but not #off-topic.


Moved #bugs-glitches and are you trying to say you cannot feed baby shark and you have to wait until the shark gets bigger then now you can feed them to tame your shark’s? I I’m in iOS 11.3 and the 1.7.2 Blockheads latest version can feed the baby shark but I have to really be patience because feeding shark is hard there are in the ocean or in the water and moving fast aggressive wanted to bite you.

A little tip when the shark goes hungry or you wanted to check if the shark has to feed tap their foods the raw fish then click your shark when on the box there’s a raw fish they have to feed until you successful tamed them.

Edit: can you tell us about what device you were using if it’s android or apple device it’s really necessary when comes to bugs and glitch to fix as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Hmm, actually I found the medium shark and blocked it in a tank, to save time from baby shark growing, because I thought the size you tamed was the size you can ride on, so I try with a medium, well it wasn’t a medium anymore after few feeds …


Yeah maybe a baby shark is only for processing to tame so you can only do to the baby shark is to feed until gets to a medium size after that it will just appear you already tamed the shark and can be a ride in the water.


Well the one I was taming was huge, but when I tamed it, it change to a medium shark again.


Ohh that’s the problem may I ask what device your using? Like it’s back to a time the shark was already old when it gets to medium again. Well that’s weird


iPhone. Yes like back to time, maybe the game doesn’t want player to ride on some “sea monster”?


Sorry for the bump. At times I have had this happen to cave trolls too, I don’t know how it happened but it just does. I have never tamed a shark to know it has happened to them but I can tell this is a little of a serious bug.


Giant cave trolls