1.7 Mac Server: Evolution of Time

Welcome to Evolution Of Time

What might seem like the most obvious solution is, in fact, not the way to escape” - Blockrates

Co-owners: 222oreo333 and Porkythechop
Hosted on my mac

Welcome to one of the first servers that feature 1.7! If you know anything about servers that porky or I have made in the past, you know you will need to be very patient. At EoT you will find yourself contained in a pod, that is encased in a large box. Unlike any server out there, you will need to rely almost exclusively on dodo breeding and evolution. There are no caves and no ores. You will be living entirely on the surface in this world. But escaping the box isn’t as easy as it may sound, because there is a certain key that unlocks it. What that key is you will have to discover for yourself, so good luck exploring!

Like all servers, we have rules. These are the general server rules you’ll see on any typical properly run server

  1. No cussing/swearing, inappropriate pictures, or being rude or mean in any way. This is a child friendly server and we will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour.
  2. Do not ask for mod or admin. Admins here have to be trusted by us and if we need more we will choose someone. Keep in mind that to even be eligible you must be out of the box.
  3. Do not spam chat. This includes asking people to sleep or meditate, and it is very irritating on a server. This will be enforced by two kicks and a ban if it does not stop.
  4. Please be kind and respectful to everyone you meet on the server. This means following all the rules and doing what is asked of you by admins.
  5. No inappropriate pet names. With this update comes the ability to name your pets, and any names that are offensive or inappropriate will result in the owner being banned.
  6. Do not use pirated tc or hacked items. Everyone else is playing legitimately, so you don’t have to cheat to get ahead.
  7. No duping. Even though the update fixed current duping methods, people will probably try to find new ways to do it. This is not the server for trying those new ways.
  8. This is an ROP mac server. I will do my best to get back ups at least once a day until I figure out the back up script. Please be patient with us as we will be seeing what a fully loaded server with plenty of dodos in a small area does.

These are the gameplay rules, that are specific to this server

  1. You will receive a block of compost and an apple upon your arrival in a pod. You will also be given an iron trapdoor to close off your area and prevent others from getting in.
  2. There are no caves, ore, or gems underground. The purpose here is to survive off of dodos and not gather resources any other way.
  3. Once you escape you are welcome to craft and place ownership signs to protect bases. To do this you must have your own portal and supplies. You will be granted temporary adminship to craft and place the sign where you would like.
  4. The instructions for escaping the box can be found throughout the sky inside the box. It will not be easy to get to this point though, and you will have to have a lot of patience.
  5. Do not break the carbon fiber or ruby blocks that are overlapped in your pod. You are the only one able to do this in your pod and it will result in an immediate ban.
  6. PvP is off
  7. While you will be alone in your pod and cannot team up it is not against the rules to discuss strategy with other players
  8. Don’t break any blocks you didn’t place within the box.
  9. You may not ask the admins for help. We will post tips every so often on the forums and the discord channel.
  10. No portals are allowed in the box but you may craft a portal once you leave. Trade portals are strictly forbidden and will be confiscated if found.

To escape the box you must complete a series of quests. Once you do you will be let out and you may begin life outside the box. Good luck and happy exploring!

Discord server: https://discord.gg/AFPGGaN

Join link: http://theblockheads.net/join.php?ip=oreoserver.hopto.org&port=15151&name=EVOLUTION%20OF%20TIME


So, it is a followup to SOT in a way? This sounds cool, I will join for sure.

Sounds really tricky!

Weird. Invite works fine for me.
Edit: Lol ok
Looks like SoT will still be open so maybe it’s a companion server? I’m sure there’s some differences and a bunch of new material

It is a companion server. There is a whole new twist that will make things totally different from DZ and SoT

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Yes, I like being hungry and trapped in a box.
Definitely will be checking this one out in 1.7 :thumbsup:

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I can’t wait to join 6 hour more :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ah, I can’t wait! This will be fun to join, and a lot of patience.

Can’t wait to share this server with everyone!!!

I’m excited!! Will make sure to get up early tomorrow so I can play

Full world thread posted! See you guys there!

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Can I have my pod? When admin online ok.

I’d suggest reporting that.

To milla?

Thanks aashir. You can remove the picture cause technically it’s naming and shaming but I will ban him. Next time just send me or porky the picture and we can take care of it :slight_smile:

I need a admin to get a pod.:blush:

I’ll get on.

This is so embarrassing, but I planted my apple in the room with backwall. Is there any chance I could get a new apple?

I’m sorry, you’ll have to meditate another, unfortunately.




Lol can he just say with people still standing and you were waiting until there finally med or sleep? Say this words “If you guys are done doing things med or sleep to get season started again hehe” :stuck_out_tongue: